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Citazioni dei miei articoli
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Genotype-phenotype correlation in the long-QT syndrome: gene-specific triggers for life-threatening arrhythmias
PJ Schwartz, SG Priori, C Spazzolini, AJ Moss, GM Vincent, C Napolitano, ...
Circulation 103 (1), 89-95
Mutations in the cardiac ryanodine receptor gene (hRyR2) underlie catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia
SG Priori, C Napolitano, N Tiso, M Memmi, G Vignati, R Bloise, ...
Circulation 103 (2), 196-200
Risk stratification in the long-QT syndrome
SG Priori, PJ Schwartz, C Napolitano, R Bloise, E Ronchetti, M Grillo, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 348 (19), 1866-1874
Natural history of Brugada syndrome insights for risk stratification and management
SG Priori, C Napolitano, M Gasparini, C Pappone, P Della Bella, ...
Circulation 105 (11), 1342-1347
Ca< sub> V</sub> 1.2 Calcium Channel Dysfunction Causes a Multisystem Disorder Including Arrhythmia and Autism
I Splawski, KW Timothy, LM Sharpe, N Decher, P Kumar, R Bloise, ...
Cell 119 (1), 19-31
Low penetrance in the long-QT syndrome: clinical impact
SG Priori, C Napolitano, PJ Schwartz
Circulation 99 (4), 529-533
Effectiveness and limitations of β-blocker therapy in congenital long-QT syndrome
AJ Moss, W Zareba, WJ Hall, PJ Schwartz, RS Crampton, J Benhorin, ...
Circulation 101 (6), 616-623
Clinical and molecular characterization of patients with catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia
SG Priori, C Napolitano, M Memmi, B Colombi, F Drago, M Gasparini, ...
Circulation 106 (1), 69-74
Long QT syndrome patients with mutations of the SCN5A and HERG genes have differential responses to Na+ channel blockade and to increases in heart rate: implications for gene-specific therapy
PJ Schwartz, SG Priori, EH Locati, C Napolitano, F Cant, JA Towbin, ...
Circulation 92 (12), 3381-3386
Influence of the genotype on the clinical course of the long-QT syndrome
W Zareba, AJ Moss, PJ Schwartz, GM Vincent, JL Robinson, SG Priori, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 339 (14), 960-965
FKBP12. 6 deficiency and defective calcium release channel (ryanodine receptor) function linked to exercise-induced sudden cardiac death
XHT Wehrens, SE Lehnart, F Huang, JA Vest, SR Reiken, PJ Mohler, ...
Cell 113 (7), 829-840
Clinical and genetic heterogeneity of right bundle branch block and ST-segment elevation syndrome: a prospective evaluation of 52 families
SG Priori, C Napolitano, M Gasparini, C Pappone, P Della Bella, ...
Circulation 102 (20), 2509-2515
Association of long QT syndrome loci and cardiac events among patients treated with β-blockers
SG Priori, C Napolitano, PJ Schwartz, M Grillo, R Bloise, E Ronchetti, ...
Jama 292 (11), 1341-1344
A novel form of short QT syndrome (SQT3) is caused by a mutation in the KCNJ2 gene
SG Priori, SV Pandit, I Rivolta, O Berenfeld, E Ronchetti, A Dhamoon, ...
Circulation research 96 (7), 800-807
Dispersion of the QT interval. A marker of therapeutic efficacy in the idiopathic long QT syndrome
SG Priori, C Napolitano, L Diehl, PJ Schwartz
Circulation 89 (4), 1681-1689
Spectrum of ST-Twave patterns and repolarization parameters in congenital long-QT syndrome: ECG findings identify genotypes
L Zhang, KW Timothy, GM Vincent, MH Lehmann, J Fox, LC Giuli, J Shen, ...
Circulation 102 (23), 2849-2855
Age-and sex-related differences in clinical manifestations in patients with congenital long-QT syndrome: findings from the International LQTS Registry
EH Locati, W Zareba, AJ Moss, PJ Schwartz, GM Vincent, MH Lehmann, ...
Circulation 97 (22), 2237-2244
Left cardiac sympathetic denervation in the management of high-risk patients affected by the long-QT syndrome
PJ Schwartz, SG Priori, M Cerrone, C Spazzolini, A Odero, C Napolitano, ...
Circulation 109 (15), 1826-1833
A molecular link between the sudden infant death syndrome and the long-QT syndrome
PJ Schwartz, SG Priori, R Dumaine, C Napolitano, C Antzelevitch, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 343 (4), 262-267
Venice Chart international consensus document on atrial fibrillation ablation
A Natale, A Raviele, T Arentz, H Calkins, SA Chen, M HaISsaguerre, ...
Journal of cardiovascular electrophysiology 18 (5), 560-580
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