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Spatiotemporal dynamics of the electrical network activity in the root apex
E Masi, M Ciszak, G Stefano, L Renna, E Azzarello, C Pandolfi, S Mugnai, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (10), 4048
Specificity of polyamine effects on NaCl-induced ion flux kinetics and salt stress amelioration in plants
C Pandolfi, I Pottosin, T Cuin, S Mancuso, S Shabala
Plant and cell physiology 51 (3), 422-434
On the mechanism underlying photosynthetic limitation upon trigger hair irritation in the carnivorous plant Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula Ellis)
A Pavlovič, L Slováková, C Pandolfi, S Mancuso
Journal of experimental botany 62 (6), 1991-2000
Physiology of acclimation to salinity stress in pea (< i> Pisum sativum</i>)
C Pandolfi, S Mancuso, S Shabala
Environmental and Experimental Botany 84, 44-51
Ultramorphological and physiological modifications induced by high zinc levels in< i> Paulownia tomentosa</i>
E Azzarello, C Pandolfi, C Giordano, M Rossi, S Mugnai, S Mancuso
Environmental and experimental Botany 81, 11-17
Artificial neural networks as a tool for plant identification: a case study on Vietnamese tea accessions
C Pandolfi, S Mugnai, E Azzarello, S Bergamasco, E Masi, S Mancuso
Euphytica 166 (3), 411-421
Enhancement of ammonium and potassium root influxes by the application of marine bioactive substances positively affects Vitis vinifera plant growth
S Mugnai, E Azzarello, C Pandolfi, S Salamagne, X Briand, S Mancuso
Journal of Applied Phycology 20 (2), 177-182
Camellia japonica L. genotypes identified by an artificial neural network based on phyllometric and fractal parameters
S Mugnai, C Pandolfi, E Azzarello, E Masi, S Mancuso
Plant systematics and evolution 270 (1-2), 95-108
Comparing image (fractal analysis) and electrochemical (impedance spectroscopy and electrolyte leakage) techniques for the assessment of the freezing tolerance in olive
E Azzarello, S Mugnai, C Pandolfi, E Masi, E Marone, S Mancuso
Trees 23 (1), 159-167
Nutation in plants
S Mugnai, E Azzarello, E Masi, C Pandolfi, S Mancuso
Rhythms in Plants, 77-90
Evaluation of composted green waste in ornamental container-grown plants: effects on growth and plant water relations
S Mugnai, T Pasquini, E Azzarello, C Pandolfi, S Mancuso
Compost science & utilization 15 (4), 283-287
Discrimination and identification of morphotypes of Banksia integrifolia (Proteaceae) by an Artificial Neural Network (ANN), based on morphological and fractal parameters of leaves and flowers
C Pandolfi, G Messina, S Mugnai, E Azzarello, E Masi, K Dixon, ...
Taxon 58 (3), 925-933
Bio-inspiration from Plants‟ Roots
P Dario, C Laschi, B Mazzolai, P Corradi, V Mattoli, A Mondini, S Mancuso, ...
Final Report, Ariadna ID 6, 6301
Fractal geometry and neural networks for the identification and characterization of ornamental plants.
C Pandolfi, S Mugnai, E Masi, E Azzarello, S Mancuso, ...
Floriculture, ornamental and plant biotechnology, 213-225
Biomimetic transfer of plant roots for planetary anchoring
T Seidl, S Mugnai, P Corradi, A Mondini, V Mattoli, E Azzarello, E Masi, ...
Proc 59th Int Astronautics Conf
Biomimetics on seed dispersal: survey and insights for space exploration
C Pandolfi, D Izzo
Bioinspiration & biomimetics 8 (2), 025003
Self-burial Mechanism of Erodium cicutarium and Its Potential Application for Subsurface Exploration
C Pandolfi, D Comparini, S Mancuso
Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems, 384-385
Tragopogon dubius, considerations on a possible biomimetic transfer
C Pandolfi, V Casseau, TP Fu, L Jacques, D Izzo
Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems, 386-387
The use of trees in phytoremediation
E Azzarello, C Pandolfi, S Pollastri, E Masi, S Mugnai, S Mancuso
Plant Sciences Reviews 2011, 135
Phyllometric parameters and artificial neural networks for the identification of Banksia accessions
G Messina, C Pandolfi, S Mugnai, E Azzarello, K Dixon, S Mancuso
Australian Systematic Botany 22 (1), 31-38
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