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Citas sobre mis artículos
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Automatic composition of e-services that export their behavior
D Berardi, D Calvanese, G De Giacomo, M Lenzerini, M Mecella
Service-Oriented Computing-ICSOC 2003, 43-58
Automatic composition of transition-based semantic web services with messaging
D Berardi, D Calvanese, G De Giacomo, R Hull, M Mecella
Proceedings of the 31st international conference on Very large data bases ...
When are two web services compatible?
L Bordeaux, G Salaün, D Berardi, M Mecella
Technologies for E-Services, 15-28
Automatic service composition based on behavioral descriptions
D Berardi, D Calvanese, G De Giacomo, M Lenzerini, M Mecella
International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems 14 (04), 333-376
Emergent semantics principles and issues
K Aberer, P Cudré-Mauroux, AM Ouksel, T Catarci, MS Hacid, ...
Database Systems for Advanced Applications, 25-38
Enabling Italian e-government through a cooperative architecture
M Mecella, C Batini
Computer 34 (2), 40-45
Compatibility of e-Services in a Cooperative Multi-platfrom Environment
M Mecella, B Pernici, P Craca
Technologies for E-Services, 44-57
The DaQuinCIS architecture: a platform for exchanging and improving data quality in cooperative information systems
M Scannapieco, A Virgillito, C Marchetti, M Mecella, R Baldoni
Information Systems 29 (7), 551-582
Synthesis of underspecified composite e-services based on automated reasoning
D Berardi, G De Giacomo, M Lenzerini, M Mecella, D Calvanese
Proceedings of the 2nd international conference on Service oriented ...
Modeling e-service orchestration through petri nets
M Mecella, FP Presicce, B Pernici
Technologies for E-Services, 38-47
Designing wrapper components for e-services in integrating heterogeneous systems
M Mecella, B Pernici
The VLDB Journal—The International Journal on Very Large Data Bases 10 (1 ...
Finite state automata as conceptual model for e-services
D Berardi, F De Rosa, L De Santis, M Mecella
Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science 8 (2), 105-121
Managing data quality in cooperative information systems
M Mecella, M Scannapieco, A Virgillito, R Baldoni, T Catarci, C Batini
On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems 2002: CoopIS, DOA, and ODBASE ...
Pervasive software environments for supporting disaster responses
T Catarci, M de Leoni, A Marrella, M Mecella, B Salvatore, G Vetere, ...
Internet Computing, IEEE 12 (1), 26-37
Workpad: an adaptive peer-to-peer software infrastructure for supporting collaborative work of human operators in emergency/disaster scenarios
M Mecella, M Angelaccio, A Krek, T Catarci, B Buttarazzi, S Dustdar
Collaborative Technologies and Systems, 2006. CTS 2006. International ...
A foundational vision of e-services
D Berardi, D Calvanese, G De Giacomo, M Lenzerini, M Mecella
Web Services, E-Business, and the Semantic Web, 28-40
Composition of services with nondeterministic observable behavior
D Berardi, D Calvanese, G De Giacomo, M Mecella
Service-Oriented Computing-ICSOC 2005, 520-526
Disconnection prediction in mobile ad hoc networks for supporting cooperative work
F De Rosa, A Malizia, M Mecella
Pervasive Computing, IEEE 4 (3), 62-70
An interoperable replication logic for CORBA systems
C Marchetti, M Mecella, A Virgillito, R Baldoni
Distributed Objects and Applications, 2000. Proceedings. DOA'00 ...
Automatic Service Composition and Synthesis: the Roman Model.
D Calvanese, G De Giacomo, M Lenzerini, M Mecella, F Patrizi
IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 31 (3), 18-22
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