Bryan Veal
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New methods for passive estimation of TCP round-trip times
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Performance scalability of a multi-core web server
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Platform storage performance with 3D XPoint technology
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Towards SSD-Ready Enterprise Platforms.
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Adaptive receive side scaling
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Efficient redundant array of independent disks (RAID) write hole solutions
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Communication between processor core partitions with exclusive read or write to descriptor queues for shared memory space
A Foong, BE Veal, A Raghunath
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Reducing network latency during low power operation
MI Memon, SK Larsen, BE Veal, DS Lake, TT Schluessler
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Notification of out of order packets
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Preserving packet order when migrating network flows between cores
B Veal, A Foong
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Network interface techniques
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Directing packets to a processor unit
B Veal, A Foong
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Performing an atomic write operation across multiple storage devices
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Method and apparatus for synchronizing storage volumes
BE Veal, A Foong
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Host-managed non-volatile memory
BE Veal, DJ Williams, A Foong
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Method and device to augment volatile memory in a graphics subsystem with non-volatile memory
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Using the Zope Web application framework to build and manage a large encyclopedia of scientific knowledge
J Jordin, W Hubbard, D Kennard, W Milnor, M Rauscher, B Veal
Natural resources information management forum: Putting knowledge to work. T…, 2003
Techniques for Input/Output Access to Memory or Storage by a Virtual Machine or Container
Y Li, D Noeldner, BE Veal, AD Huffman, FT Hady
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PICNIC: Prototyping Tomorrow's Functionality Using Today's NICs
B Veal, A Foong
Power Point Presentation, 1-22, 2009
Using self-clocking for passive estimation of TCP round-trip times
BE Veal
uga, 2005
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