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Vascular endothelial growth factor B (VEGF-B) binds to VEGF receptor-1 and regulates plasminogen activator activity in endothelial cells
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Chipster: user-friendly analysis software for microarray and other high-throughput data
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Signaling angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis
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PDB_REDO: automated re-refinement of X-ray structure models in the PDB
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Endothelial receptor tyrosine kinases activate the STAT signaling pathway: mutant Tie-2 causing venous malformations signals a distinct STAT activation response
EI Korpelainen, M Kärkkäinen, Y Gunji, M Vikkula, K Alitalo
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Hadoop-BAM: directly manipulating next generation sequencing data in the cloud
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Monoclonal antibody 7G3 recognizes the N-terminal domain of the human interleukin-3 (IL-3) receptor alpha-chain and functions as a specific IL-3 receptor antagonist
Q Sun, JM Woodcock, A Rapoport, FC Stomski, EI Korpelainen, ...
Overexpression of VEGF in testis and epididymis causes infertility in transgenic mice: evidence for nonendothelial targets for VEGF
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Chronic expression of P-selectin on endothelial cells stimulated by the T-cell cytokine, interleukin-3
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SeqPig: simple and scalable scripting for large sequencing data sets in Hadoop
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MicroRNA expression profiling reveals miRNA families regulating specific biological pathways in mouse frontal cortex and hippocampus
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Neutrophils activated by granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor express receptors for interleukin-3 which mediate class II expression
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The receptor for interleukin 3 is selectively induced in human endothelial cells by tumor necrosis factor alpha and potentiates interleukin 8 secretion and neutrophil …
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IL‐3 receptor expression, regulation and function in cells of the Vasculature.
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Roles of the N and C terminal domains of the interleukin-3 receptor α chain in receptor function
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Experiences with workflows for automating data-intensive bioinformatics
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RNA-seq data analysis: a practical approach
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Interferon-gamma upregulates interleukin-3 (IL-3) receptor expression in human endothelial cells and synergizes with IL-3 in stimulating major histocompatibility complex class …
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Experience using web services for biological sequence analysis
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Optimized detection of differential expression in global profiling experiments: case studies in clinical transcriptomic and quantitative proteomic datasets
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