Stefano Severi
Stefano Severi
Assistant Professor, Bioengineering, University of Bologna
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Simulation of Ca-calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II on rabbit ventricular myocyte ion currents and action potentials
E Grandi, JL Puglisi, S Wagner, LS Maier, S Severi, DM Bers
Biophysical journal 93 (11), 3835-3847, 2007
Patients with complex arrhythmias during and after haemodialysis suffer from different regimens of potassium removal
A Santoro, E Mancini, G London, L Mercadal, H Fessy, B Perrone, ...
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Novelty and Significance
Y Ruan, M Denegri, N Liu, T Bachetti, M Seregni, S Morotti, S Severi, ...
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An updated computational model of rabbit sinoatrial action potential to investigate the mechanisms of heart rate modulation
S Severi, M Fantini, LA Charawi, D DiFrancesco
The Journal of physiology 590 (18), 4483-4499, 2012
Calcium and potassium changes during haemodialysis alter ventricular repolarization duration: in vivo and in silico analysis
S Severi, E Grandi, C Pes, F Badiali, F Grandi, A Santoro
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 23 (4), 1378-1386, 2007
Computational models of ventricular-and atrial-like human induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes
M Paci, J Hyttinen, K Aalto-Setńlń, S Severi
Annals of biomedical engineering 41 (11), 2334-2348, 2013
Autonomic nervous function during haemodialysis assessed by spectral analysis of heart-rate variability
S Cavalcanti, S Severi, L Chiari, G Avanzolini, G Enzmann, F Bianco, ...
Clinical Science 92 (4), 351-359, 1997
Elucidating arrhythmogenic mechanisms of long-QT syndrome CALM1-F142L mutation in patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes
M Rocchetti, L Sala, L Dreizehnter, L Crotti, D Sinnecker, M Mura, ...
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Mechanisms of pro-arrhythmic abnormalities in ventricular repolarisation and anti-arrhythmic therapies in human hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
E Passini, A MincholÚ, R Coppini, E Cerbai, B Rodriguez, S Severi, ...
Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology 96, 72-81, 2016
Non-binary coding for texture descriptors in sub-cellular and stem cell image classification
M Paci, L Nanni, A Lahti, K Aalto-Setala, J Hyttinen, S Severi
Current Bioinformatics 8 (2), 208-219, 2013
A Brugada syndrome mutation (p. S216L) and its modulation by p. H558R polymorphism: standard and dynamic characterization
S Marangoni, C Di Resta, M Rocchetti, L Barile, R Rizzetto, A Summa, ...
Cardiovascular research 91 (4), 606-616, 2011
Alterations of atrial electrophysiology induced by electrolyte variations: combined computational and P-wave analysis
S Severi, D Pogliani, G Fantini, P Fabbrini, MR Vigano, E Galbiati, ...
Europace 12 (6), 842-849, 2010
Model-based study of the effects of the hemodialysis technique on the compensatory response to hypovolemia
S Cavalcanti, A Ciandrini, S Severi, F Badiali, S Bini, A Gattiani, L Cagnoli, ...
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Human induced pluripotent stem cell‐derived versus adult cardiomyocytes: an in silico electrophysiological study on effects of ionic current block
M Paci, J Hyttinen, B Rodriguez, S Severi
British journal of pharmacology 172 (21), 5147-5160, 2015
Theoretical investigation of action potential duration dependence on extracellular Ca2+ in human cardiomyocytes
E Grandi, FS Pasqualini, C Pes, C Corsi, A Zaza, S Severi
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Electrophysiological response to dialysis: the role of dialysate potassium content and profiling
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Computational analysis of the human sinus node action potential: model development and effects of mutations
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The Journal of physiology 595 (7), 2365-2396, 2017
Apparatus and a method for monitoring a vascular access
D Stefani, CA Lodi, S Sanna
US Patent 9,138,536, 2015
Alterations of atrial electrophysiology related to hemodialysis session: insights from a multiscale computer model
MW Krueger, S Severi, K Rhode, S Genovesi, FM Weber, A Vincenti, ...
Journal of electrocardiology 44 (2), 176-183, 2011
A new KCNQ1 mutation at the S5 segment that impairs its association with KCNE1 is responsible for short QT syndrome
C Moreno, A Oliveras, A de la Cruz, C Bartolucci, C Mu˝oz, E Salar, ...
Cardiovascular research 107 (4), 613-623, 2015
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