Sebastian W. Schmitt
Sebastian W. Schmitt
Helmholtz Zentrum für Materialien und Energie
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Large area fabrication of vertical silicon nanowire arrays by silver-assisted single-step chemical etching and their formation kinetics
SK Srivastava, D Kumar, SW Schmitt, KN Sood, SH Christiansen, ...
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M Bechelany, E Berodier, X Maeder, SW Schmitt, J Michler, L Philippe
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Development of an optimal filter substrate for the identification of small microplastic particles in food by micro-Raman spectroscopy
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Enhanced photovoltaics inspired by the fovea centralis
G Shalev, SW Schmitt, H Embrechts, G Brönstrup, S Christiansen
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SW Schmitt, C Venzago, B Hoffmann, V Sivakov, T Hofmann, J Michler, ...
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Maximizing the ultimate absorption efficiency of vertically-aligned semiconductor nanowire arrays with wires of a low absorption cross-section
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SW Schmitt, G Gamez, V Sivakov, M Schubert, SH Christiansen, J Michler
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SW Schmitt, G Sarau, S Christiansen
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Solar RRL, 2019
All-silicon polarized light source based on electrically excited whispering gallery modes in inversely tapered photonic resonators
SW Schmitt, K Schwarzburg, G Sarau, SH Christiansen, S Wiesner, ...
APL Materials 8 (6), 061110, 2020
Direct measurement and analytical description of the mode alignment in inversely tapered silicon nano-resonators
SW Schmitt, K Schwarzburg, C Dubourdieu
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In-Situ Characterization of Individual Building Blocks for Nanophotonic Solar Cells by Correlative Microscopy
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SW Schmitt, G Sarau, M Göbelt, S Christiansen
Optical Nanostructures and Advanced Materials for Photovoltaics, PTh3A. 4, 2016
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