Marina Cretich
Marina Cretich
National Research Council of Italy, Istituto di Chimica del Riconoscimento Molecolare
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Protein and peptide arrays: recent trends and new directions
M Cretich, F Damin, G Pirri, M Chiari
Biomolecular engineering 23 (2-3), 77-88, 2006
New adsorbed coatings for capillary electrophoresis
M Chiari, M Cretich, F Damin, L Ceriotti, R Consonni
ELECTROPHORESIS: An International Journal 21 (5), 909-916, 2000
A new polymeric coating for protein microarrays
M Cretich, G Pirri, F Damin, I Solinas, M Chiari
Analytical biochemistry 332 (1), 67-74, 2004
Quantification of DNA and protein adsorption by optical phase shift
E zkumur, A Yalın, M Cretich, CA Lopez, DA Bergstein, BB Goldberg, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 25 (1), 167-172, 2009
Protein microarray technology: how far off is routine diagnostics?
M Cretich, F Damin, M Chiari
Analyst 139 (3), 528-542, 2014
A new absorbed coating for DNA fragment analysis by capillary electrophoresis
M Chiari, M Cretich, J Horvath
ELECTROPHORESIS: An International Journal 21 (8), 1521-1526, 2000
High sensitivity protein assays on microarray silicon slides
M Cretich, G di Carlo, R Longhi, C Gotti, N Spinella, S Coffa, C Galati, ...
Analytical chemistry 81 (13), 5197-5203, 2009
Electroosmotic flow suppression in capillary electrophoresis: Chemisorption of trimethoxy silane‐modified polydimethylacrylamide
M Cretich, M Chiari, G Pirri, A Crippa
Electrophoresis 26 (10), 1913-1919, 2005
A biofunctional polymeric coating for microcantilever molecular recognition
G Oliviero, P Bergese, G Canavese, M Chiari, P Colombi, M Cretich, ...
Analytica chimica acta 630 (2), 161-167, 2008
Production of D‐phenylglycine from racemic (D, L)‐phenylglycine via isoelectrically‐trapped penicillin G acylase
A Bossi, M Cretich, PG Righetti
Biotechnology and bioengineering 60 (4), 454-461, 1998
Development of a high-sensitivity immunoassay for amyloid-beta 1–42 using a silicon microarray platform
P Gagni, L Sola, M Cretich, M Chiari
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 47, 490-495, 2013
Coating of nitrocellulose for colorimetric DNA microarrays
M Cretich, V Sedini, F Damin, M Pelliccia, L Sola, M Chiari
Analytical biochemistry 397 (1), 84-88, 2010
Optical sensing in microfluidic lab-on-a-chip by femtosecond-laser-written waveguides
RM Vazquez, R Osellame, M Cretich, M Chiari, C Dongre, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 393 (4), 1209, 2009
Peptide microarrays for the characterization of antigenic regions of human chromogranin A
M Chiari, M Cretich, A Corti, F Damin, G Pirri, R Longhi
Proteomics 5 (14), 3600-3603, 2005
Detection of allergen specific immunoglobulins by microarrays coupled to microfluidics
M Cretich, G Di Carlo, C Giudici, S Pokoj, I Lauer, S Scheurer, M Chiari
Proteomics 9 (8), 2098-2107, 2009
Rapid capillary coating by epoxy‐poly‐(dimethylacrylamide): Performance in capillary zone electrophoresis of protein and polystyrene carboxylate
M Chiari, M Cretich, M Stastna, SP Radko, A Chrambach
Electrophoresis 22 (4), 656-659, 2001
Allergen microarrays on high-sensitivity silicon slides
M Cretich, D Breda, F Damin, M Borghi, L Sola, SM Unlu, SE Burastero, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 398 (4), 1723-1733, 2010
Silicon biochips for dual label-free and fluorescence detection: Application to protein microarray development
M Cretich, A Reddington, M Monroe, M Bagnati, F Damin, L Sola, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 26 (9), 3938-3943, 2011
Functionalization of poly (dimethylsiloxane) by chemisorption of copolymers: DNA microarrays for pathogen detection
M Cretich, V Sedini, F Damin, G Di Carlo, C Oldani, M Chiari
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 132 (1), 258-264, 2008
Microchips and single‐photon avalanche diodes for DNA separation with high sensitivity
I Rech, S Cova, A Restelli, M Ghioni, M Chiari, M Cretich
Electrophoresis 27 (19), 3797-3804, 2006
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