Hopi Hoekstra
Hopi Hoekstra
Professor, Harvard University & Investigator, HHMI
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The strength of phenotypic selection in natural populations
JG Kingsolver, HE Hoekstra, JM Hoekstra, D Berrigan, SN Vignieri, ...
The American Naturalist 157 (3), 245-261, 2001
Double digest RADseq: an inexpensive method for de novo SNP discovery and genotyping in model and non-model species
BK Peterson, JN Weber, EH Kay, HS Fisher, HE Hoekstra
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The locus of evolution: evo devo and the genetics of adaptation
HE Hoekstra, JA Coyne
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A single amino acid mutation contributes to adaptive beach mouse color pattern
HE Hoekstra, RJ Hirschmann, RA Bundey, PA Insel, JP Crossland
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Combining population genomics and quantitative genetics: finding the genes underlying ecologically important traits
JR Stinchcombe, HE Hoekstra
Heredity 100 (2), 158, 2008
Does evolutionary theory need a rethink?
K Laland, T Uller, M Feldman, K Sterelny, GB Mller, A Moczek, ...
Nature News 514 (7521), 161, 2014
Genetics, development and evolution of adaptive pigmentation in vertebrates
HE Hoekstra
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MW Nachman, HE Hoekstra, SL D'Agostino
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Molecular spandrels: tests of adaptation at the genetic level
RDH Barrett, HE Hoekstra
Nature Reviews Genetics 12 (11), 767, 2011
Strength and tempo of directional selection in the wild
HE Hoekstra, JM Hoekstra, D Berrigan, SN Vignieri, A Hoang, CE Hill, ...
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CC Steiner, JN Weber, HE Hoekstra
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JK Hubbard, JAC Uy, ME Hauber, HE Hoekstra, RJ Safran
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On the origin and spread of an adaptive allele in deer mice
CR Linnen, EP Kingsley, JD Jensen, HE Hoekstra
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Convergence in pigmentation at multiple levels: mutations, genes and function
M Manceau, VS Domingues, CR Linnen, EB Rosenblum, HE Hoekstra
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Ecological genetics of adaptive color polymorphism in pocket mice: geographic variation in selected and neutral genes
HE Hoekstra, KE Drumm, MW Nachman
Evolution 58 (6), 1329-1341, 2004
Molecular and functional basis of phenotypic convergence in white lizards at White Sands
EB Rosenblum, H Rmpler, T Schneberg, HE Hoekstra
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Adaptive evolution of multiple traits through multiple mutations at a single gene
CR Linnen, YP Poh, BK Peterson, RDH Barrett, JG Larson, JD Jensen, ...
Science 339 (6125), 1312-1316, 2013
Different genes underlie adaptive melanism in different populations of rock pocket mice
HE Hoekstra, MW Nachman
Molecular Ecology 12 (5), 1185-1194, 2003
The developmental role of Agouti in color pattern evolution
M Manceau, VS Domingues, R Mallarino, HE Hoekstra
Science 331 (6020), 1062-1065, 2011
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