Enric Canadell
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Conceptual aspects of structure-property correlations and electronic instabilities, with applications to low-dimensional transition-metal oxides
E Canadell, MH Whangbo
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Analogies between the concepts of molecular chemistry and solid-state physics concerning structural instabilities. Electronic origin of the structural modulations in layered …
MH Whangbo, E Canadell
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JF Sánchez-Royo, G Muńoz-Matutano, M Brotons-Gisbert, ...
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Hydrogen-bond tuning of macroscopic transport properties from the neutral molecular component site along the sries of metallic organic-inorganic solvates (BEDT-TTF) 4Re6Se5Cl9 …
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Principles and Applications of Density Functional Theory in Inorganic …, 2004
Chemical effects on the optical band-gap of heavily doped : An investigation by means of photoelectron spectroscopy, optical measurements …
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E Canadell, R Brec, J Rouxel, MH Whangbo
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ME Prater, LE Pence, R Clérac, GM Finniss, C Campana, ...
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Concerning the band structure of D (M (dmit) 2) 2 (D= TTF, Cs, NMe4); M= Ni, Pd) molecular conductors and superconductors: Role of the M (dmit) 2 Homo and Lumo
E Canadell, S Ravy, JP Pouget, L Brossard
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E Canadell, S Alvarez
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Nanotexturing to enhance photoluminescent response of atomically thin indium selenide with highly tunable band gap
M Brotons-Gisbert, D Andres-Penares, J Suh, F Hidalgo, R Abargues, ...
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Electronic structure of transition-metal borides with the AlB2 structure
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Chiral Molecular Metals:  Syntheses, Structures, and Properties of the AsF6- Salts of Racemic (±)-, (R)-, and (S)-Tetrathiafulvalene−Oxazoline Derivatives
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Single Crystalline Commensurate Metallic Assemblages of π-slabs and CdI2-Type Layers: Synthesis and Properties of β-(EDT-TTF-I2) 2 [Pb5/61/6I2] 3 and β-(EDT-TTF-I2) 2 [Pb2/3+ x …
T Devic, M Evain, Y Moëlo, E Canadell, P Auban-Senzier, M Fourmigué, ...
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Hal⋯ Hal interactions in a series of three isostructural salts of halogenated tetrathiafulvalenes. Contribution of the halogen atoms to the HOMO–HOMO overlap interactions
B Domercq, T Devic, M Fourmigué, P Auban-Senzier, E Canadell
Journal of Materials Chemistry 11 (6), 1570-1575, 2001
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