Mohammad Fallahi-Sichani
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Dissecting the multicellular ecosystem of metastatic melanoma by single-cell RNA-seq
I Tirosh, B Izar, SM Prakadan, MH Wadsworth, D Treacy, JJ Trombetta, ...
Science 352 (6282), 189-196, 2016
Metrics other than potency reveal systematic variation in responses to cancer drugs
M Fallahi-Sichani, S Honarnejad, LM Heiser, JW Gray, PK Sorger
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Multiscale computational modeling reveals a critical role for TNF-α receptor 1 dynamics in tuberculosis granuloma formation
M Fallahi-Sichani, M El-Kebir, S Marino, DE Kirschner, JJ Linderman
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Highly multiplexed imaging of single cells using a high-throughput cyclic immunofluorescence method
JR Lin, M Fallahi-Sichani, PK Sorger
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The library of integrated network-based cellular signatures NIH program: system-level cataloging of human cells response to perturbations
AB Keenan, SL Jenkins, KM Jagodnik, S Koplev, E He, D Torre, Z Wang, ...
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Differential Risk of Tuberculosis Reactivation among Anti-TNF Therapies Is Due to Drug Binding Kinetics and Permeability
M Fallahi-Sichani, JAL Flynn, JJ Linderman, DE Kirschner
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Adaptive resistance of melanoma cells to RAF inhibition via reversible induction of a slowly dividing de‐differentiated state
M Fallahi‐Sichani, V Becker, B Izar, GJ Baker, JR Lin, SA Boswell, P Shah, ...
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Nanofibrous poly (ε-caprolactone)/poly (vinyl alcohol)/chitosan hybrid scaffolds for bone tissue engineering using mesenchymal stem cells
Y Mohammadi, M Soleimani, M Fallahi-Sichani, A Gazme, V Haddadi-Asl, ...
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Lipid raft-mediated regulation of G-protein coupled receptor signaling by ligands which influence receptor dimerization: A computational study
M Fallahi-Sichani, JJ Linderman
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In vitro differentiation of cord blood unrestricted somatic stem cells expressing dopamine-associated genes into neuron-like cells
M Fallahi-Sichani, M Soleimani, SMA Najafi, J Kiani, E Arefian, A Atashi
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NF-κB signaling dynamics play a key role in infection control in tuberculosis
M Fallahi-Sichani, DE Kirschner, JJ Linderman
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Systematic analysis of BRAFV600E melanomas reveals a role for JNK/c‐Jun pathway in adaptive resistance to drug‐induced apoptosis
M Fallahi‐Sichani, NJ Moerke, M Niepel, T Zhang, NS Gray, PK Sorger
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Identification of key processes that control tumor necrosis factor availability in a tuberculosis granuloma
M Fallahi-Sichani, MA Schaller, DE Kirschner, SL Kunkel, JJ Linderman
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Tuneable resolution as a systems biology approach for multi‐scale, multi‐compartment computational models
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Cyclic Immunofluorescence (CycIF), A Highly Multiplexed Method for Single‐cell Imaging
JR Lin, M Fallahi‐Sichani, JY Chen, PK Sorger
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A Systems Biology Approach for Understanding Granuloma Formation and Function in Tuberculosis
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Reverse Phase Protein Arrays for Compound Profiling
N Moerke, M Fallahi‐Sichani
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Epigenetic Mechanisms of Escape from BRAF Oncogene Dependency
M Khaliq, M Fallahi-Sichani
Cancers 11 (10), 1480, 2019
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