Marco Birolo
Marco Birolo
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Effect of genotype, gender and feed restriction on growth, meat quality and the occurrence of white striping and wooden breast in broiler chickens
A Trocino, A Piccirillo, M Birolo, G Radaelli, D Bertotto, E Filiou, M Petracci, ...
Poultry science 94 (12), 2996-3004, 2015
Effect of age on the occurrence of muscle fibre degeneration associated with myopathies in broiler chickens submitted to feed restriction
G Radaelli, A Piccirillo, D Bertotto, M Birolo, F Gratta, C Ballarin, G Xiccato, ...
XXV World’s Poultry Congress, 557, 2016
Optimizing feed efficiency and nitrogen excretion in growing rabbits by increasing dietary energy with high-starch, high-soluble fibre, low-insoluble fibre supply at low …
M Tazzoli, A Trocino, M Birolo, G Radaelli, G Xiccato
Livestock Science 172, 59-68, 2015
Effects of floor type, stocking density, slaughter age and gender on productive and qualitative traits of rabbits reared in collective pens
A Trocino, E Filiou, M Tazzoli, M Birolo, A Zuffellato, G Xiccato
animal 9 (5), 855-861, 2015
Effect of dietary supplementation with insect fats on growth performance, digestive efficiency and health of rabbits
L Gasco, S Dabbou, A Trocino, G Xiccato, MT Capucchio, I Biasato, ...
Journal of animal science and biotechnology 10 (1), 4, 2019
Effect of feed restriction and feeding plans on performance, slaughter traits and body composition of growing rabbits
M Birolo, A Trocino, M Tazzoli, G Xiccato
World Rabbit Science 25 (2), 113-122, 2017
Aggressiveness in group-housed rabbit does: Influence of group size and pen characteristics
C Zomeņo, M Birolo, A Zuffellato, G Xiccato, A Trocino
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 194, 79-85, 2017
Effect of feed restriction programs and slaughter age on digestive efficiency, growth performance and body composition of growing rabbits
M Birolo, A Trocino, A Zuffellato, G Xiccato
Animal Feed Science and Technology 222, 194-203, 2016
Effects of group housing system, pen floor type, and lactation management on performance and behaviour in rabbit does
C Zomeņo, M Birolo, F Gratta, A Zuffellato, G Xiccato, A Trocino
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 203, 55-63, 2018
Increasing dietary energy with starch and soluble fibre and reducing ADF at different protein levels for growing rabbits
M Tazzoli, M Birolo, E Filiou, A Trocino, A Zuffellato, G Xiccato
Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus 78 (3), 235-239, 2013
Impact of pre-slaughter transport conditions on stress response, carcass traits, and meat quality in growing rabbits
A Trocino, C Zomeņo, M Birolo, G Di Martino, A Stefani, L Bonfanti, ...
Meat science 146, 68-74, 2018
Behaviour and reactivity of female and male rabbits housed in collective pens: effects of floor type and stocking density at different ages
A Trocino, E Filiou, C Zomeņo, M Birolo, D Bertotto, G Xiccato
World Rabbit Science 26 (2), 135-147, 2018
Effect of age and gender on carcass traits and meat quality of farmed brown hares
A Trocino, M Birolo, S Dabbou, F Gratta, N Rigo, G Xiccato
animal 12 (4), 864-871, 2018
Effect of genotype, gender, and feed restriction on slaughter results and meat quality of broiler chickens
F Gratta, M Birolo, G Xiccato, A Trocino
Agriculturae Conspectus Scientificus 82 (3), 311-314, 2017
Effect of breast myopathies on quality and microbial shelf life of broiler meat
F Gratta, L Fasolato, M Birolo, C Zomeņo, E Novelli, M Petracci, A Pascual, ...
Poultry science 98 (6), 2641-2651, 2019
Effects of the feeding system on performance and myopathy occurrence in two broiler chicken genotypes
F Gratta, M Birolo, A Piccirillo, M Petracci, L Maertens, G Xiccato, ...
Changes of stress indicators in different matrices in growing rabbits before and after transport.
D Bertotto, G Radaelli, E Negrato, M Birolo, G Xiccato, T Angela
11th World Rabbit Congress, 653-655, 2016
Effect of feed restriction level and period on performance and health of growing rabbits
M Birolo, M Tazzoli, D Majolini, A Trocino, G Xiccato
Giornate di Coniglicoltura ASIC 2013, 57-60, 2013
The Use of Environmental Enrichments Affects Performance and Behavior of Growing Rabbits Housed in Collective Pens
A Trocino, C Zomeņo, E Filiou, M Birolo, P White, G Xiccato
Animals 9 (8), 537, 2019
Effects of time-based feed restriction on morbidity, mortality, performance and meat quality of growing rabbits housed in collective systems
M Birolo, A Trocino, A Zuffellato, G Xiccato
animal 14 (3), 626-635, 2020
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