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Optimizing the Photocatalytic Properties of Hydrothermal TiO2 by the Control of Phase Composition and Particle Morphology. A Systematic Approach
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Pt and Au/TiO2 photocatalysts for methanol reforming: Role of metal nanoparticles in tuning charge trapping properties and photoefficiency
A Naldoni, M D’Arienzo, M Altomare, M Marelli, R Scotti, F Morazzoni, ...
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Macroporous WO3 Thin Films Active in NH3 Sensing: Role of the Hosted Cr Isolated Centers and Pt Nanoclusters
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Layered Na 0.71 CoO 2: a powerful candidate for viable and high performance Na-batteries
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The filler–rubber interface in styrene butadiene nanocomposites with anisotropic silica particles: morphology and dynamic properties
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New Insights into the Photocatalytic Properties of RuO2/TiO2 Mesoporous Heterostructures for Hydrogen Production and Organic Pollutant Photodecomposition
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Shape controlled spherical (0D) and rod-like (1D) silica nanoparticles in silica/styrene butadiene rubber nanocomposites: Role of the particle morphology on the fillerá…
R Scotti, L Conzatti, M D'Arienzo, B Di Credico, L Giannini, T Hanel, ...
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R Scotti, L Wahba, M Crippa, M D'Arienzo, R Donetti, N Santo, ...
Soft Matter 8 (7), 2131-2143, 2012
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