Aurora Tumino
Aurora Tumino
FacoltÓ di Ingegneria e Architettura, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Enna "Kore", Enna and Laboratori
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A companion to AB Pic at the planet/brown dwarf boundary
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Validity test of the “Trojan horse” method applied to the reaction
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An increase in the 12 C+ 12 C fusion rate from resonances at astrophysical energies
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Persistent asymmetric structure of Sagittarius A* on event horizon scales
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New determination of the 2H (d, p) 3H and 2H (d, n) 3He reaction rates at astrophysical energies
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Suppression of the Coulomb Interaction in the Off-Energy-Shell p− p Scattering from the p+ d→ p+ p+ n Reaction
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Investigation of the -cluster structure of and
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The Astrophysical Journal 768 (1), 65, 2013
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