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Resilience of the natural phyllosphere microbiota of the grapevine to chemical and biological pesticides
M Perazzolli, L Antonielli, M Storari, G Puopolo, M Pancher, O Giovannini, ...
Applied and environmental microbiology 80 (12), 3585-3596, 2014
Lysobacter capsici AZ78 produces cyclo (l‐Pro‐l‐Tyr), a 2, 5‐diketopiperazine with toxic activity against sporangia of P hytophthora infestans and P lasmopara viticola
G Puopolo, A Cimmino, MC Palmieri, O Giovannini, A Evidente, I Pertot
Journal of applied microbiology 117 (4), 1168-1180, 2014
Combining biocontrol agents with different mechanisms of action in a strategy to control Botrytis cinerea on grapevine
I Pertot, O Giovannini, M Benanchi, T Caffi, V Rossi, L Mugnai
Crop Protection 97, 85-93, 2017
Salvia officinalis extract can protect grapevine against Plasmopara viticola
S Dagostin, T Formolo, O Giovannini, I Pertot, A Schmitt
Plant disease 94 (5), 575-580, 2010
Lysobacter capsici AZ78 can be combined with copper to effectively control Plasmopara viticola on grapevine
G Puopolo, O Giovannini, I Pertot
Microbiological research 169 (7-8), 633-642, 2014
Characterization of resistance mechanisms activated by Trichoderma harzianum T39 and benzothiadiazole to downy mildew in different grapevine cultivars
H Banani, B Roatti, B Ezzahi, O Giovannini, G Gessler, I Pertot, ...
Plant pathology 63 (2), 334-343, 2014
Stepwise flow diagram for the development of formulations of non spore-forming bacteria against foliar pathogens: the case of Lysobacter capsici AZ78
G Segarra, G Puopolo, O Giovannini, I Pertot
Journal of biotechnology 216, 56-64, 2015
A complex protein derivative acts as biogenic elicitor of grapevine resistance against powdery mildew under field conditions
A Nesler, M Perazzolli, G Puopolo, O Giovannini, Y Elad, I Pertot
Frontiers in plant science 6, 715, 2015
Efficacy of reduced copper dosages against Plasmopara viticola in organic agriculture
A Cabs, M Pellini, R Zanzotti, L Devigili, R Maines, O Giovannini, ...
Crop Protection 96, 103-108, 2017
Impact of temperature on the survival and the biocontrol efficacy of Lysobacter capsici AZ78 against Phytophthora infestans
G Puopolo, MC Palmieri, O Giovannini, I Pertot
BioControl 60 (5), 681-689, 2015
Monitoring Lysobacter capsici AZ78 using strain specific qPCR reveals the importance of the formulation for its survival in vineyards
G Segarra, G Puopolo, E Porcel-Rodrguez, O Giovannini, I Pertot
FEMS microbiology letters 363 (3), fnv243, 2016
Ecological impact of a rare sugar on grapevine phyllosphere microbial communities
M Perazzolli, A Nesler, O Giovannini, L Antonielli, G Puopolo, I Pertot
Microbiological research 232, 126387, 2020
The effect of hydrolysis and protein source on the efficacy of protein hydrolysates as plant resistance inducers against powdery mildew
M Cappelletti, M Perazzolli, A Nesler, O Giovannini, I Pertot
US 7 (5), 2017
Reducing copper use in the environment: the use of larixol and larixyl acetate to treat downy mildew caused by Plasmopara viticola in viticulture
B Thuerig, EE James, HJ Schrer, MK Langat, DA Mulholland, ...
Pest management science 74 (2), 477-488, 2018
Plasmopara viticola infection affects mineral elements allocation and distribution in Vitis vinifera leaves
S Cesco, A Tolotti, S Nadalini, S Rizzi, F Valentinuzzi, T Mimmo, C Porfido, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 1-18, 2020
Assessment of the spectrum of activity of a new insecticide based on Clitoria ternatea extract
L Zanotelli, O Giovannini, S Frati, A Nesler, I Pertot
69th International Symposium on Crop Protection, 2017
Advantages and limitations involved in the use of microbial biofungicides for the control of root and foliar phytopathogens of fruit crops
I Pertot, G Puopolo, O Giovannini, D Angeli, C Sicher, M Perazzolli
IT 23 (3), 3-12, 2016
Reducing primary inoculum sources of grapevine powdery mildew by the hyperparasite Ampelomyces quisqualis
D Angeli, C Masiero, O Giovannini, F Valentini, I Pertot
Future IPM in Europe, 149, 2013
Characterization of efficient resistance inducers for control of crop disease.
L Lenzi, MC Palmieri, C Caruso, I Pertot, M Perazzolli
Characterization of efficient resistance inducers for control of crop…, 2013
Antifungal activity of Salvia officinalis extract against Plasmopara viticola.
S Dagostin, T Formolo, O Giovannini, A Schmitt, I Pertot
Antifungal activity of Salvia officinalis extract against Plasmopara…, 2009
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