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Three years after transplants in human mandibles, histological and in-line holotomography revealed that stem cells regenerated a compact rather than a spongy bone: biological …
A Giuliani, A Manescu, M Langer, F Rustichelli, V Desiderio, F Paino, ...
Stem Cells Translational Medicine 2 (4), 316-324, 2013
Bulk and interface investigations of scaffolds and tissue-engineered bones by X-ray microtomography and X-ray microdiffraction
R Cancedda, A Cedola, A Giuliani, V Komlev, S Lagomarsino, ...
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Bone turnover in wild type and pleiotrophin-transgenic mice housed for three months in the International Space Station (ISS)
S Tavella, A Ruggiu, A Giuliani, F Brun, B Canciani, A Manescu, ...
PloS one 7 (3), e33179, 2012
Human DPSCs fabricate vascularized woven bone tissue: a new tool in bone tissue engineering
F Paino, M La Noce, A Giuliani, A De Rosa, S Mazzoni, L Laino, E Amler, ...
Clinical science 131 (8), 699-713, 2017
Microstructural characterization and in vitro bioactivity of porous glass-ceramic scaffolds for bone regeneration by synchrotron radiation X-ray microtomography
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Altered bone development and turnover in transgenic mice over‐expressing lipocalin‐2 in bone
D Costa, E Lazzarini, B Canciani, A Giuliani, R SpanÒ, K Marozzi, ...
Journal of cellular physiology 228 (11), 2210-2221, 2013
In Vivo Regenerative Properties of Coralline‐Derived (Biocoral) Scaffold Grafts in Human Maxillary Defects: Demonstrative and Comparative Study with Beta‐Tricalcium Phosphate …
A Giuliani, A Manescu, E Larsson, G Tromba, G Luongo, A Piattelli, ...
Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research 16 (5), 736-750, 2014
Osteogenic potential of dualblocks cultured with human periodontal ligament stem cells: in vitro and synchrotron microtomography study
A Manescu, A Giuliani, S Mohammadi, G Tromba, S Mazzoni, F Diomede, ...
Journal of Periodontal Research 51 (1), 112-124, 2016
Polyglycolic Acid–Polylactic Acid Scaffold Response to Different Progenitor Cell In Vitro Cultures: A Demonstrative and Comparative X-Ray Synchrotron Radiation …
A Giuliani, F Moroncini, S Mazzoni, MLC Belicchi, C Villa, S Erratico, ...
Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods 20 (4), 308-316, 2014
Organization of extracellular matrix fibers within polyglycolic acid–polylactic acid scaffolds analyzed using X-ray synchrotron-radiation phase-contrast micro computed tomography
G Albertini, A Giuliani, V Komlev, F Moroncini, A Pugnaloni, G Pennesi, ...
Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods 15 (3), 403-411, 2009
High‐resolution X‐ray microtomography for three‐dimensional imaging of cardiac progenitor cell homing in infarcted rat hearts
A Giuliani, C Frati, A Rossini, VS Komlev, C Lagrasta, M Savi, S Cavalli, ...
Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 5 (8), e168-e178, 2011
Zirconia enriched dental adhesive: a solution for OCT contrast enhancement. Demonstrative study by synchrotron radiation microtomography
M Rominu, A Manescu, C Sinescu, ML Negrutiu, F Topala, RO Rominu, ...
Dental Materials 30 (4), 417-423, 2014
Effects of long time exposure to simulated micro-and hypergravity on skeletal architecture
B Canciani, A Ruggiu, A Giuliani, D Panetta, K Marozzi, M Tripodi, ...
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Quantitative kinetics evaluation of blocks versus granules of biphasic calcium phosphate scaffolds (HA/β-TCP 30/70) by synchrotron radiation x-ray microtomography: a human study
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Purified collagen I oriented membrane for tendon repair: an ex vivo morphological study
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Histological and synchrotron radiation-based computed microtomography study of 2 human-retrieved direct laser metal formed titanium implants
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Relaxation of residual stress in MMC after combined plastic deformation and heat treatment
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Neutron and synchrotron radiation non-destructive methods for the characterisation of materials for different applications
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Morphological, physiological and behavioural evaluation of a ‘Mice in Space’housing system
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Synchrotron phase tomography: an emerging imaging method for microvessel detection in engineered bone of craniofacial districts
A Giuliani, S Mazzoni, L Mele, D Liccardo, G Tromba, M Langer
Frontiers in physiology 8, 769, 2017
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