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FOXG1 is responsible for the congenital variant of Rett syndrome
F Ariani, G Hayek, D Rondinella, R Artuso, MA Mencarelli, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 83 (1), 89-93, 2008
CDKL5 ensures excitatory synapse stability by reinforcing NGL-1–PSD95 interaction in the postsynaptic compartment and is impaired in patient iPSC-derived neurons
S Ricciardi, F Ungaro, M Hambrock, N Rademacher, G Stefanelli, ...
Nature cell biology 14 (9), 911-923, 2012
Reduced AKT/mTOR signaling and protein synthesis dysregulation in a Rett syndrome animal model
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The translational machinery of human CD4+ T cells is poised for activation and controls the switch from quiescence to metabolic remodeling
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eIF6 coordinates insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism by coupling translation to transcription
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eIF6 anti-association activity is required for ribosome biogenesis, translational control and tumor progression
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mTORC1-mediated inhibition of polycystin-1 expression drives renal cyst formation in tuberous sclerosis complex
M Pema, L Drusian, M Chiaravalli, M Castelli, Q Yao, S Ricciardi, S Somlo, ...
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CDKL5 influences RNA splicing activity by its association to the nuclear speckle molecular machinery
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CDKL5 and shootin1 interact and concur in regulating neuronal polarization
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RACK1 specifically regulates translation through its binding to ribosomes
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Expression and activity of eIF6 trigger malignant pleural mesothelioma growth in vivo
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Crosstalks between translation and metabolism in cancer
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Current opinion in genetics & development 48, 75-81, 2018
SBDS-deficient cells have an altered homeostatic equilibrium due to translational inefficiency which explains their reduced fitness and provides a logical framework for…
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The role of Eif6 in skeletal muscle homeostasis revealed by endurance training co-expression networks
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Translational control by mTOR-independent routes: how eIF6 organizes metabolism
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High levels of eukaryotic Initiation Factor 6 (eIF6) are required for immune system homeostasis and for steering the glycolytic flux of TCR-stimulated CD4+ T cells in both mice…
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Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 6 is a novel regulator of reactive oxygen species‐dependent megakaryocyte maturation
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A Mad2-mediated translational regulatory mechanism promoting S-phase cyclin synthesis controls origin firing and survival to replication stress
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Upregulation of eIF6 inhibits cardiac hypertrophy induced by phenylephrine
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Data on the effects of eIF6 downmodulation on the proportions of innate and adaptive immune system cell subpopulations and on thymocyte maturation
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Data in brief 14, 653-658, 2017
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