Zhijing Feng
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Multi-orbital charge transfer at highly oriented organic/metal interfaces
G Zamborlini, D Lüftner, Z Feng, B Kollmann, P Puschnig, C Dri, ...
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Trapping of charged gold adatoms by dimethyl sulfoxide on a gold surface
Z Feng, S Velari, A Cossaro, C Castellarin-Cudia, A Verdini, E Vesselli, ...
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Experimental and theoretical investigation of the restructuring process induced by CO at near ambient pressure: Pt Nanoclusters on Graphene/Ir (111)
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A competitive amino-carboxylic hydrogen bond on a gold surface
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A dynamic thermoregulatory material inspired by squid skin
EM Leung, MC Escobar, GT Stiubianu, SR Jim, AL Vyatskikh, Z Feng, ...
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Electronic properties of the boroxine–gold interface: evidence of ultra-fast charge delocalization
D Toffoli, M Stredansky, Z Feng, G Balducci, S Furlan, M Stener, ...
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Vibrational fingerprint of localized excitons in a two-dimensional metal-organic crystal
M Corva, A Ferrari, M Rinaldi, Z Feng, M Roiaz, C Rameshan, ...
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The thinnest carpet on the smallest staircase: the growth of graphene on Rh (533)
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Substrate-to laterally-driven self-assembly steered by Cu nanoclusters: the case of FePcs on an ultrathin alumina film
M Corva, F Mohamed, E Tomsic, Z Feng, T Skala, G Comelli, N Seriani, ...
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Chemistry of the Methylamine Termination at a Gold Surface: From Autorecognition to Condensation
C Dri, G Fronzoni, G Balducci, S Furlan, M Stener, Z Feng, G Comelli, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (11), 6104-6115, 2016
Bifunctional behavior of a porphyrin in hydrogen-bonded donor–acceptor molecular chains on a gold surface
Z Feng, S Velari, C Dri, A Goldoni, LL Patera, I Regeni, C Forzato, F Berti, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (12), 7088-7096, 2019
Growth of regular nanometric molecular arrays on a functional 2D template based on a chemical guest–host approach
Z Feng, G Kladnik, G Comelli, C Dri, A Cossaro
Nanoscale 10 (4), 2067-2072, 2018
Binary Conformational Switches in a Porphyrin Chain: Tautomerization and Stereoisomerization
Z Feng, S Velari, C Dri, A Goldoni, M Peressi, G Comelli
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2020
On-surface trapping of alkali atoms by crown ethers in ultra high vacuum
M Stredansky, E Turco, Z Feng, R Costantini, G Comelli, A Verdini, ...
Nanoscale Advances 1 (5), 1721-1725, 2019
Structure and chemical characterization of novel 2D homo-and hetero-organic architectures on a gold surface: a combined STM and photoemission spectroscopies study
Z Feng
Università degli Studi di Trieste, 2017
Photoemission Tomography of NiTPP on Cu (100)
B Kollmann, D Lüftner, P Puschnig, G Zamborlini, V Feyer, Z Feng, C Dri
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