Tullio Scopigno
Tullio Scopigno
Physics Department, University "Sapienza"
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Is the fragility of a liquid embedded in the properties of its glass?
T Scopigno, G Ruocco, F Sette, G Monaco
Science 302 (5646), 849-852, 2003
Microscopic dynamics in liquid metals: The experimental point of view
T Scopigno, G Ruocco, F Sette
Reviews of Modern Physics 77 (3), 881, 2005
The Widom line as the crossover between liquid-like and gas-like behaviour in supercritical fluids
GG Simeoni, T Bryk, FA Gorelli, M Krisch, G Ruocco, M Santoro, ...
Nature Physics 6 (7), 503, 2010
Acoustic attenuation in glasses and its relation with the boson peak
W Schirmacher, G Ruocco, T Scopigno
Physical review letters 98 (2), 025501, 2007
Relaxation processes in harmonic glasses?
G Ruocco, F Sette, R Di Leonardo, G Monaco, M Sampoli, T Scopigno, ...
Physical review letters 84 (25), 5788, 2000
Density fluctuations in molten lithium: inelastic x-ray scattering study
T Scopigno, U Balucani, G Ruocco, F Sette
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 12 (37), 8009, 2000
Evidence of two viscous relaxation processes in the collective dynamics of liquid lithium
T Scopigno, U Balucani, G Ruocco, F Sette
Physical review letters 85 (19), 4076, 2000
Landscapes and fragilities
G Ruocco, F Sciortino, F Zamponi, C De Michele, T Scopigno
The Journal of chemical physics 120 (22), 10666-10680, 2004
Nondynamic origin of the high-frequency acoustic attenuation in glasses
G Ruocco, F Sette, R Di Leonardo, D Fioretto, M Krisch, M Lorenzen, ...
Physical Review Letters 83 (26), 5583, 1999
Collective dynamics of liquid aluminum probed by inelastic x-ray scattering
T Scopigno, U Balucani, G Ruocco, F Sette
Physical Review E 63 (1), 011210, 2000
Nature of the short wavelength excitations in vitreous silica: an x-ray Brillouin scattering study
O Pilla, A Cunsolo, A Fontana, C Masciovecchio, G Monaco, M Montagna, ...
Physical review letters 85 (10), 2136, 2000
Inelastic x-ray scattering study of the collective dynamics in liquid sodium
T Scopigno, U Balucani, G Ruocco, F Sette
Physical Review E 65 (3), 031205, 2002
Liquidlike behavior of supercritical fluids
F Gorelli, M Santoro, T Scopigno, M Krisch, G Ruocco
Physical review letters 97 (24), 245702, 2006
Evidence of anomalous dispersion of the generalized sound velocity in glasses
B Ruzicka, T Scopigno, S Caponi, A Fontana, O Pilla, P Giura, G Monaco, ...
Physical Review B 69 (10), 100201, 2004
High-frequency dynamics in metallic glasses
T Scopigno, JB Suck, R Angelini, F Albergamo, G Ruocco
Physical review letters 96 (13), 135501, 2006
Acoustic nature of the boson peak in vitreous silica
C Masciovecchio, V Mazzacurati, G Monaco, G Ruocco, T Scopigno, ...
Philosophical Magazine B 79 (11-12), 2013-2020, 1999
Vibrational excitations in systems with correlated disorder
W Schirmacher, B Schmid, C Tomaras, G Viliani, G Baldi, G Ruocco, ...
physica status solidi c 5 (3), 862-866, 2008
High-frequency acoustic modes in liquid gallium at the melting point
T Scopigno, A Filipponi, M Krisch, G Monaco, G Ruocco, F Sette
Physical review letters 89 (25), 255506, 2002
Collective excitations in supercritical fluids: Analytical and molecular dynamics study of “positive” and “negative” dispersion
T Bryk, I Mryglod, T Scopigno, G Ruocco, F Gorelli, M Santoro
The Journal of chemical physics 133 (2), 024502, 2010
Femtosecond stimulated Raman spectrometer in the 320-520nm range
E Pontecorvo, SM Kapetanaki, M Badioli, D Brida, M Marangoni, ...
Optics express 19 (2), 1107-1112, 2011
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