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A Aiuppa, R Moretti, C Federico, G Giudice, S Gurrieri, M Liuzzo, P Papale, ...
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Compositionally zoned crystals and real-time degassing data reveal changes in magma transfer dynamics during the 2006 summit eruptive episodes of Mt. Etna
M Kahl, S Chakraborty, F Costa, M Pompilio, M Liuzzo, M Viccaro
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Tracking formation of a lava lake from ground and space: Masaya volcano (Nicaragua), 2014–2017
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Hydrogen in the gas plume of an open‐vent volcano, Mount Etna, Italy
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Major eruptive style changes induced by structural modifications of a shallow conduit system: the 2007–2012 Stromboli case
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Soil gases and SAR measurements reveal hidden faults on the sliding flank of Mt. Etna (Italy)
A Bonforte, C Federico, S Giammanco, F Guglielmino, M Liuzzo, M Neri
Journal of volcanology and geothermal research 251, 27-40, 2013
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