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Ancient Rome: A genetic crossroads of Europe and the Mediterranean
ML Antonio, Z Gao, HM Moots, M Lucci, F Candilio, S Sawyer, ...
Science 366 (6466), 708-714, 2019
Stable isotopic evidence for diet at the Imperial Roman coastal site of Velia (1st and 2nd centuries AD) in Southern Italy
OE Craig, M Biazzo, TC O'Connell, P Garnsey, C Martinez‐Labarga, ...
American Journal of Physical Anthropology: The Official Publication of the …, 2009
Enamel mineralization and compositional time-resolution in human teeth evaluated via histologically-defined LA-ICPMS profiles
W Müller, A Nava, D Evans, PF Rossi, KW Alt, L Bondioli
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 255, 105-126, 2019
Early life of Neanderthals
A Nava, F Lugli, M Romandini, F Badino, D Evans, AH Helbling, G Oxilia, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (46), 28719-28726, 2020
Virtual histological assessment of the prenatal life history and age at death of the Upper Paleolithic fetus from Ostuni (Italy)
A Nava, A Coppa, D Coppola, L Mancini, D Dreossi, F Zanini, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 9427, 2017
Longitudinal analysis of the microscopic dental enamel defects of children in the Imperial Roman community of Portus Romae (necropolis of Isola Sacra, 2nd to 4th century CE, Italy)
A Nava, DW Frayer, L Bondioli
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 23, 406-415, 2019
New regression formula to estimate the prenatal crown formation time of human deciduous central incisors derived from a Roman Imperial sample (Velia, Salerno, Italy, I-II cent. CE)
A Nava, L Bondioli, A Coppa, C Dean, PF Rossi, C Zanolli
PloS one 12 (7), e0180104, 2017
Multipronged dental analyses reveal dietary differences in last foragers and first farmers at Grotta Continenza, central Italy (15,500–7000 BP)
A Nava, E Fiorin, A Zupancich, M Carra, C Ottoni, G Di Carlo, I Vozza, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 4261, 2021
Spatially-resolved Ca isotopic and trace element variations in human deciduous teeth record diet and physiological change
Q Li, A Nava, LM Reynard, M Thirlwall, L Bondioli, W Müller
Environmental Archaeology 27 (5), 474-483, 2022
Sex-related morbidity and mortality in non-adult individuals from the Early Medieval site of Valdaro (Italy): the contribution of dental enamel peptide analysis
F Lugli, C Figus, S Silvestrini, V Costa, E Bortolini, S Conti, B Peripoli, ...
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Diet and health in Central-Southern Italy during the Roman Imperial time
L Bondioli, A Nava, PF Rossi, A Sperduti
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A late Neanderthal tooth from northeastern Italy
M Romandini, G Oxilia, E Bortolini, S Peyrégne, D Delpiano, A Nava, ...
Journal of Human Evolution 147, 102867, 2020
Attività lavorative e condizioni di vita della comunità di Castel Malnome (Roma, I-II sec. dC)
P Catalano, V Benassi, C Caldarini, L Cianfriglia, R Mosticone, A Nava, ...
Medicina nei Secoli 22 (1-3), 111-28, 2010
Growth of Neanderthal infants from Krapina (120–130 ka), Croatia
P Mahoney, G McFarlane, BH Smith, JJ Miszkiewicz, P Cerrito, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 288 (1963), 20212079, 2021
The LCG2 complex at Dibbā (Musandam, Oman, II—I millennium BC): structural, material, and osteological elements
F Genchi, L Fattore, A Nava, E Maini
Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 99-117, 2018
Tracing human mobility in central Europe during the Upper Paleolithic using sub-seasonally resolved Sr isotope records in ornaments
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An infant burial from Arma Veirana in northwestern Italy provides insights into funerary practices and female personhood in early Mesolithic Europe
J Hodgkins, CM Orr, C Gravel-Miguel, J Riel-Salvatore, CE Miller, ...
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Stable population structure in Europe since the Iron Age, despite high mobility
ML Antonio, CL Weiß, Z Gao, S Sawyer, V Oberreiter, HM Moots, ...
Elife 13, e79714, 2024
Dental cementum virtual histology of Neanderthal teeth from Krapina (Croatia, 130–120 kyr): an informed estimate of age, sex and adult stressors
P Cerrito, A Nava, D Radovčić, D Borić, L Cerrito, T Basdeo, G Ruggiero, ...
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 19 (187), 20210820, 2022
Dietary strategies of Pleistocene Pongo sp. and Homo erectus on Java (Indonesia)
J Kubat, A Nava, L Bondioli, MC Dean, C Zanolli, N Bourgon, AM Bacon, ...
Nature Ecology & Evolution 7 (2), 279-289, 2023
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