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Paola Rivolo
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Vapor-phase self-assembled monolayers of aminosilane on plasma-activated silicon substrates
S Fiorilli, P Rivolo, E Descrovi, C Ricciardi, L Pasquardini, L Lunelli, ...
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P Mandracci, F Mussano, P Rivolo, S Carossa
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A Gigot, M Fontana, M Serrapede, M Castellino, S Bianco, M Armandi, ...
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High-performing and stable wearable supercapacitor exploiting rGO aerogel decorated with copper and molybdenum sulfides on carbon fibers
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Fiber-shaped asymmetric supercapacitor exploiting rGO/Fe2O3 aerogel and electrodeposited MnOx nanosheets on carbon fibers
M Serrapede, A Rafique, M Fontana, A Zine, P Rivolo, S Bianco, L Chetibi, ...
Carbon 144, 91-100, 2019
Inkjet-printed PEDOT: PSS electrodes on plasma-modified PDMS nanocomposites: Quantifying plasma treatment hardness
A Chiolerio, P Rivolo, S Porro, S Stassi, S Ricciardi, P Mandracci, ...
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A Lamberti, A Virga, A Chiad˛, A Chiodoni, K Bejtka, P Rivolo, F Giorgis
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A Nanostructured Porous Silicon Near Insulator Becomes Either ap‐or an n‐Type Semiconductor upon Gas Adsorption
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Faraday discussions 205, 271-289, 2017
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