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The αβ T cell receptor is an anisotropic mechanosensor
ST Kim, K Takeuchi, ZYJ Sun, M Touma, CE Castro, A Fahmy, MJ Lang, ...
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Poisson-gap sampling and forward maximum entropy reconstruction for enhancing the resolution and sensitivity of protein NMR data
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NMR studies of protein interactions
K Takeuchi, G Wagner
Current opinion in structural biology 16 (1), 109-117, 2006
Ubiquitination of K-Ras enhances activation and facilitates binding to select downstream effectors
AT Sasaki, A Carracedo, JW Locasale, D Anastasiou, K Takeuchi, ...
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Structural basis underlying the dual gate properties of KcsA
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Identification and characterization of the slowly exchanging pH-dependent conformational rearrangement in KcsA
K Takeuchi, H Takahashi, S Kawano, I Shimada
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Channel-forming membrane permeabilization by an antibacterial protein, sapecin: determination of membrane-buried and oligomerization surfaces by NMR
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Structure of the VP16 transactivator target in the Mediator
AG Milbradt, M Kulkarni, T Yi, K Takeuchi, ZYJ Sun, RE Luna, P Selenko, ...
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Structure of the calcineurin-NFAT complex: defining a T cell activation switch using solution NMR and crystal coordinates
K Takeuchi, MHA Roehrl, ZYJ Sun, G Wagner
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Functional equilibrium of the KcsA structure revealed by NMR
S Imai, M Osawa, K Mita, S Toyonaga, A Machiyama, T Ueda, K Takeuchi, ...
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Structural and functional evidence that Nck interaction with CD3ε regulates T-cell receptor activity
K Takeuchi, H Yang, E Ng, S Park, ZYJ Sun, EL Reinherz, G Wagner
Journal of molecular biology 380 (4), 704-716, 2008
NMR analyses of the Gβγ binding and conformational rearrangements of the cytoplasmic pore of G protein-activated inwardly rectifying potassium channel 1 (GIRK1)
M Yokogawa, M Osawa, K Takeuchi, Y Mase, I Shimada
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1-13C amino acid selective labeling in a 2H15N background for NMR studies of large proteins
K Takeuchi, E Ng, TJ Malia, G Wagner
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Solution structure of ω-grammotoxin SIA, a gating modifier of P/Q and N-type Ca2+ channel
K Takeuchi, EJ Park, CW Lee, JI Kim, H Takahashi, KJ Swartz, I Shimada
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Molecular basis of the high-affinity activation of type 1 ryanodine receptors by imperatoxin A
CW Lee, EH Lee, K Takeuchi, H Takahashi, I Shimada, K Sato, SY Shin, ...
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Cross-saturation and transferred cross-saturation experiments
I Shimada, T Ueda, M Matsumoto, M Sakakura, M Osawa, K Takeuchi, ...
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Structural basis for the Golgi association by the pleckstrin homology domain of the ceramide trafficking protein (CERT)
T Sugiki, K Takeuchi, T Yamaji, T Takano, Y Tokunaga, K Kumagai, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (40), 33706-33718, 2012
Allosteric enhancement of MAP kinase p38α's activity and substrate selectivity by docking interactions
Y Tokunaga, K Takeuchi, H Takahashi, I Shimada
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Structural basis of the KcsA K+ channel and agitoxin2 pore-blocking toxin interaction by using the transferred cross-saturation method
K Takeuchi, M Yokogawa, T Matsuda, M Sugai, S Kawano, T Kohno, ...
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Nitrogen detected TROSY at high field yields high resolution and sensitivity for protein NMR
K Takeuchi, H Arthanari, I Shimada, G Wagner
Journal of biomolecular NMR 63 (4), 323-331, 2015
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