Norberto Masciocchi
Norberto Masciocchi
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Methane storage in flexible metal–organic frameworks with intrinsic thermal management
JA Mason, J Oktawiec, MK Taylor, MR Hudson, J Rodriguez, JE Bachman, ...
Nature 527 (7578), 357-361, 2015
Correlation between Molecular Packing and Optical Properties in Different Crystalline Polymorphs and Amorphous Thin Films of mer-Tris(8-hydroxyquinoline…
M Brinkmann, G Gadret, M Muccini, C Taliani, N Masciocchi, A Sironi
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ZR Herm, BM Wiers, JA Mason, JM van Baten, MR Hudson, P Zajdel, ...
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Dismantling the “red wall” of colloidal perovskites: highly luminescent formamidinium and formamidinium–cesium lead iodide nanocrystals
L Protesescu, S Yakunin, S Kumar, J Bär, F Bertolotti, N Masciocchi, ...
ACS nano 11 (3), 3119-3134, 2017
Monodisperse formamidinium lead bromide nanocrystals with bright and stable green photoluminescence
L Protesescu, S Yakunin, MI Bodnarchuk, F Bertolotti, N Masciocchi, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (43), 14202-14205, 2016
Capture of nerve agents and mustard gas analogues by hydrophobic robust MOF-5 type metal–organic frameworks
C Montoro, F Linares, E Quartapelle Procopio, I Senkovska, S Kaskel, ...
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Highly hydrophobic isoreticular porous metal-organic frameworks for the capture of harmful volatile organic compounds.
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Coherent nanotwins and dynamic disorder in cesium lead halide perovskite nanocrystals
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Synthesis, Structure and Magnetism of Homologous Series of Polycrystalline Cobalt Alkane Mono‐and Dicarboxylate Soaps
JM Rueff, N Masciocchi, P Rabu, A Sironi, A Skoulios
Chemistry–A European Journal 8 (8), 1813-1820, 2002
Ab-Initio XRPD Crystal Structure and Giant Hysteretic Effect (Hc = 5.9 T) of a New Hybrid Terephthalate-Based Cobalt(II) Magnet
ZL Huang, M Drillon, N Masciocchi, A Sironi, JT Zhao, P Rabu, ...
Chemistry of materials 12 (9), 2805-2812, 2000
The multiphase nature of the Cu (pz) and Ag (pz)(Hpz= pyrazole) systems: Selective syntheses and ab-initio X-ray powder diffraction structural characterization of copper (I…
N Masciocchi, M Moret, P Cairati, A Sironi, GA Ardizzoia, G La Monica
Journal of the American Chemical Society 116 (17), 7668-7676, 1994
Structure and Magnetism of a Polycrystalline Transition Metal Soap − CoII[OOC(CH2)10COO](H2O)2
JM Rueff, N Masciocchi, P Rabu, A Sironi, A Skoulios
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2001 (11), 2843-2848, 2001
Tuning the adsorption properties of isoreticular pyrazolate-based metal–organic frameworks through ligand modification
V Colombo, C Montoro, A Maspero, G Palmisano, N Masciocchi, S Galli, ...
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Sorption− desorption behavior of bispyrazolato− copper (II) 1D coordination polymers
A Cingolani, S Galli, N Masciocchi, L Pandolfo, C Pettinari, A Sironi
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Magnetite–maghemite nanoparticles in the 5–15 nm range: correlating the core–shell composition and the surface structure to the magnetic properties. A total scattering study.
R Frison, G Cernuto, A Cervellino, O Zaharko, GM Colonna, A Guagliardi, ...
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H2, N2, CO, and CO2 Sorption Properties of a Series of Robust Sodalite-Type Microporous Coordination Polymers
JAR Navarro, E Barea, JM Salas, N Masciocchi, S Galli, A Sironi, CO Ania, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 45 (6), 2397-2399, 2006
Extended polymorphism in copper (II) imidazolate polymers: a spectroscopic and XRPD structural study
N Masciocchi, S Bruni, E Cariati, F Cariati, S Galli, A Sironi
Inorganic Chemistry 40 (23), 5897-5905, 2001
Guest-induced modification of a magnetically active ultramicroporous, gismondine-like, copper (II) coordination network
JAR Navarro, E Barea, A Rodrguez-Diguez, JM Salas, CO Ania, ...
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Cubic octanuclear Ni (II) clusters in highly porous polypyrazolyl-based materials
N Masciocchi, S Galli, V Colombo, A Maspero, G Palmisano, B Seyyedi, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (23), 7902-7904, 2010
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