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A global analysis of Y-chromosomal haplotype diversity for 23 STR loci
J Purps, S Siegert, S Willuweit, M Nagy, C Alves, R Salazar, ...
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The palaeogenetics of cat dispersal in the ancient world
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Integrative approach using Yersinia pestis genomes to revisit the historical landscape of plague during the Medieval Period
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Species identification of archaeological dung remains: A critical review of potential methods
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Mitochondrial haplogroup H1 in North Africa: an early Holocene arrival from Iberia
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Mitochondrial analysis of a Byzantine population reveals the differential impact of multiple historical events in South Anatolia
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First genetic insight into Libyan Tuaregs: a maternal perspective
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Tracking the transition to agriculture in Southern Europe through ancient DNA analysis of dental calculus
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Temporal differentiation across a West-European Y-chromosomal cline: genealogy as a tool in human population genetics
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Magura Cave, Bulgaria: A multidisciplinary study of Late Pleistocene human palaeoenvironment in the Balkans
S Ivanova, M Gurova, N Spassov, L Hristova, N Tzankov, V Popov, ...
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Human mitochondrial DNA variation in Southern Italy
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Deep into the roots of the Libyan Tuareg: a genetic survey of their paternal heritage
C Ottoni, MHD Larmuseau, N Vanderheyden, C Martínez‐Labarga, ...
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Metagenomic analysis of dental calculus in ancient Egyptian baboons
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Scientific reports 9 (1), 19637, 2019
The repeat structure of two paralogous genes, Yersinia ruckeri invasin (yrInv) and a “Y. ruckeri invasin-like molecule”,(yrIlm) sheds light on the evolution of adhesive …
A Wrobel, C Ottoni, JC Leo, S Gulla, D Linke
Journal of structural biology 201 (2), 171-183, 2018
Multipronged dental analyses reveal dietary differences in last foragers and first farmers at Grotta Continenza, central Italy (15,500–7000 BP)
A Nava, E Fiorin, A Zupancich, M Carra, C Ottoni, G Di Carlo, I Vozza, ...
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Comparing maternal genetic variation across two millennia reveals the demographic history of an ancient human population in southwest Turkey
C Ottoni, R Rasteiro, R Willet, J Claeys, P Talloen, K Van de Vijver, ...
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DNA degradation: current knowledge and progress in DNA analysis
C Ottoni, B Bekaert, R Decorte
Taphonomy of Human Remains: Forensic Analysis of the Dead and the …, 2017
Mediterranean Y-chromosome 2.0—why the Y in the Mediterranean is still relevant in the postgenomic era
MHD Larmuseau, C Ottoni
Annals of Human Biology 45 (1), 20-33, 2018
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