Rodrigo Aguilar
Rodrigo Aguilar
Research Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
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Epigenetic control of the bone-master Runx2 gene during osteoblast-lineage commitment by the histone demethylase JARID1B/KDM5B
A Rojas, R Aguilar, B Henriquez, JB Lian, JL Stein, GS Stein, ...
Journal of biological chemistry 290 (47), 28329-28342, 2015
Ezh1 and Ezh2 differentially regulate PSD-95 gene transcription in developing hippocampal neurons
B Henriquez, FJ Bustos, R Aguilar, A Becerra, F Simon, M Montecino, ...
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 57, 130-143, 2013
Epigenetic editing of the Dlg4/PSD95 gene improves cognition in aged and Alzheimer’s disease mice
FJ Bustos, E Ampuero, N Jury, R Aguilar, F Falahi, J Toledo, J Ahumada, ...
Brain 140 (12), 3252-3268, 2017
The specification of cortical subcerebral projection neurons depends on the direct repression of TBR1 by CTIP1/BCL11a
J Cnovas, FA Berndt, H Seplveda, R Aguilar, FA Veloso, M Montecino, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 35 (19), 7552-7564, 2015
The Ric-8B Gene is highly expressed in proliferating preosteoblastic cells and downregulated during osteoblast differentiation in a SWI/SNF-and C/EBPβ-mediated manner
R Grandy, H Sepulveda, R Aguilar, P Pihan, B Henriquez, J Olate, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 31 (14), 2997-3008, 2011
The chromatin modifying complex CoREST/LSD1 negatively regulates notch pathway during cerebral cortex development
CI Lopez, KE Saud, R Aguilar, FA Berndt, J Cnovas, M Montecino, ...
Developmental neurobiology 76 (12), 1360-1373, 2016
Epigenetic Signatures at the RUNX2‐P1 and Sp7 Gene Promoters Control Osteogenic Lineage Commitment of Umbilical Cord‐Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
H Sepulveda, R Aguilar, CP Prieto, F Bustos, S Aedo, J Lattus, ...
Journal of cellular physiology 232 (9), 2519-2527, 2017
Multiple levels of epigenetic control for bone biology and pathology
M Montecino, G Stein, J Stein, K Zaidi, R Aguilar
Bone 81, 733-738, 2015
Polycomb PRC2 complex mediates epigenetic silencing of a critical osteogenic master regulator in the hippocampus
R Aguilar, FJ Bustos, M Saez, A Rojas, ML Allende, AJ van Wijnen, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Gene Regulatory Mechanisms 1859 (8…, 2016
A new nuclear protease with cathepsin L properties is present in HeLa and Caco‐2 cells
M Puchi, J Garca‐Huidobro, C Cordova, R Aguilar, E Dufey, ...
Journal of cellular biochemistry 111 (5), 1099-1106, 2010
A Functional N‐terminal Domain in C/EBPβ‐LAP* is Required for Interacting with SWI/SNF and to Repress Ric‐8B Gene Transcription in Osteoblasts
R Aguilar, R Grandy, D Meza, H Sepulveda, P Pihan, AJ van Wijnen, ...
Journal of cellular physiology 229 (10), 1521-1528, 2014
Mll‐COMPASS complexes mediate H3K4me3 enrichment and transcription of the osteoblast master gene Runx2/p57 in osteoblasts
A Rojas, H Sepulveda, B Henriquez, R Aguilar, T Opazo, G Nardocci, ...
Journal of cellular physiology 234 (5), 6244-6253, 2019
Wnt/β‐catenin signaling enhances transcription of the CX43 gene in murine Sertoli cells
C Lpez, R Aguilar, G Nardocci, K Cereceda, K Vander Stelt, JC Slebe, ...
Journal of cellular biochemistry 120 (4), 6753-6762, 2019
Targeting RNA with Small Molecules: Identification of Selective, RNA-Binding Small Molecules Occupying Drug-Like Chemical Space
NF Rizvi, JP Santa Maria Jr, A Nahvi, J Klappenbach, DJ Klein, PJ Curran, ...
SLAS DISCOVERY: Advancing Life Sciences R&D, 2472555219885373, 2019
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