Pritish Kamath
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Arithmetic circuits: A chasm at depth 3
A Gupta, P Kamath, N Kayal, R Saptharishi
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Approaching the chasm at depth four
A Gupta, P Kamath, N Kayal, R Saptharishi
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Query-to-Communication Lifting for P-NP
M Goos, P Kamath, T Pitassi, T Watson
COMPUTATIONAL COMPLEXITY 28 (1), 113-144, 2019
Bayesian inference of temporal task specifications from demonstrations
A Shah, P Kamath, JA Shah, S Li
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 3804-3813, 2018
Monotone circuit lower bounds from resolution
A Garg, M G÷÷s, P Kamath, D Sokolov
Proceedings of the 50th Annual ACM SIGACT Symposium on Theory of Computingá…, 2018
Decidability of non-interactive simulation of joint distributions
B Ghazi, P Kamath, M Sudan
2016 IEEE 57th Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science (FOCSá…, 2016
Faster algorithms for alternating refinement relations
K Chatterjee, S Chaubal, P Kamath
arXiv preprint arXiv:1201.4449, 2012
Communication complexity of permutation-invariant functions
B Ghazi, P Kamath, M Sudan
Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discreteá…, 2016
Adventures in Monotone Complexity and TFNP
M G÷÷s, P Kamath, R Robere, D Sokolov
10th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science Conference (ITCS 2019), 2018
Improved bounds for universal one-bit compressive sensing
J Acharya, A Bhattacharyya, P Kamath
Information Theory (ISIT), 2017 IEEE International Symposium on, 2353-2357, 2017
The Optimality of Correlated Sampling
M Bavarian, B Ghazi, E Haramaty, P Kamath, RL Rivest, M Sudan
arXiv preprint arXiv:1612.01041, 2016
Communication with partial noiseless feedback
B Haeupler, P Kamath, A Velingker
Approximation, Randomization, and Combinatorial Optimization. Algorithms andá…, 2015
Preservation under substructures modulo bounded cores
A Sankaran, B Adsul, V Madan, P Kamath, S Chakraborty
International Workshop on Logic, Language, Information, and Computation, 291-305, 2012
Using dominances for solving the protein family identification problem
N Malod-Dognin, M Le Boudic-Jamin, P Kamath, R Andonov
International Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics, 201-212, 2011
Dimension Reduction for Polynomials over Gaussian Space and Applications
B Ghazi, P Kamath, P Raghavendra
arXiv preprint arXiv:1708.03808, 2017
Compression in a Distributed Setting
B Ghazi, E Haramaty, P Kamath, M Sudan
Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS), 2017
Communication complexity of permutation-invariant functions
P Kamath
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2015
Approximate Degree of AND-OR trees
P Kamath, P Vasudevan
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