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Renormalization of the one-pion-exchange interaction
T Frederico, VS Timóteo, L Tomio
Nuclear Physics A 653 (2), 209-221, 1999
Recursive renormalization of the singlet one-pion-exchange plus point-like interactions
VS Timóteo, T Frederico, A Delfino, L Tomio
Physics Letters B 621 (1-2), 109-118, 2005
π0 pole mass calculation in a strong magnetic field and lattice constraints
SS Avancini, RLS Farias, MB Pinto, WR Tavares, VS Timóteo
Physics Letters B 767, 247-252, 2017
Thermo-magnetic effects in quark matter: Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model constrained by lattice QCD
RLS Farias, VS Timóteo, SS Avancini, MB Pinto, G Krein
The European Physical Journal A 53 (5), 101, 2017
Effect of q-deformation in the NJL gap equation
VS Timoteo, CL Lima
Physics Letters B 448 (1-2), 1-5, 1999
The few scales of nuclei and nuclear matter
A Delfino, T Frederico, VS Timóteo, L Tomio
Physics Letters B 634 (2-3), 185-190, 2006
Nucleon-nucleon scattering within a multiple subtractive renormalization approach
VS Timóteo, T Frederico, A Delfino, L Tomio
Physical Review C 83 (6), 064005, 2011
Similarity renormalization group evolution of chiral effective nucleon–nucleon potentials in the subtracted kernel method approach
S Szpigel, VS Timoteo, FO Durães
Annals of Physics 326 (2), 364-405, 2011
Light radioactive nuclei capture reactions with phenomenological potential models
V Guimaraes, CA Bertulani
AIP Conference Proceedings 1245 (1), 30-38, 2010
Thermophoretically driven carbon nanotube oscillators
VR Coluci, VS Timoteo, DS Galvao
Applied Physics Letters 95 (25), 253103, 2009
Implicit vs explicit renormalization and effective interactions
ER Arriola, S Szpigel, VS Timóteo
Physics Letters B 728, 596-601, 2014
Subtractive renormalization of the next-to-leading order NN interaction
VS Timóteo, T Frederico, A Delfino, L Tomio
Nuclear Physics. A 790 (1-4), 406-409, 2007
Power counting and renormalization group invariance in the subtracted kernel method for the two-nucleon system
S Szpigel, VS Timóteo
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 39 (10), 105102, 2012
Symmetries of the similarity renormalization group for nuclear forces
VS Timoteo, S Szpigel, ER Arriola
Physical Review C 86 (3), 034002, 2012
Implicit and explicit renormalization: two complementary views of effective interactions
ER Arriola, S Szpigel, VS Timoteo
Annals of Physics 353, 129-149, 2015
Phase transition of the nucleon-antinucleon plasma at different ratios
A Delfino, M Jansen, VS Timóteo
Physical Review C 78 (3), 034909, 2008
An IP-based multimedia traffic generator
FL Pinotti, TRB Oliveira, EL Ursini, VS Timóteo
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Telecommunications-IWT, 2011
Nonmesonic Weak Decay of A‐Hypernuclei within Independent‐Particle Shell‐Model
F Krmpotić, AP Galeão, MS Hussein
AIP Conference Proceedings 1245 (1), 51-76, 2010
Anisotropy in the equation of state of strongly magnetized quark matter within the Nambu–Jona-Lasinio model
SS Avancini, V Dexheimer, RLS Farias, VS Timóteo
Physical Review C 97 (3), 035207, 2018
Effect of bulk viscosity on interferometry correlations in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions
P Bożek
Physical Review C 95 (5), 054909, 2017
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