Vincenzo De Novellis
Vincenzo De Novellis
Researcher, Irea-Cnr - Napoli
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Geodetic model of the 2016 Central Italy earthquake sequence inferred from InSAR and GPS data
D Cheloni, V De Novellis, M Albano, A Antonioli, M Anzidei, S Atzori, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 44 (13), 6778-6787, 2017
Ground deformation and source geometry of the 24 August 2016 Amatrice earthquake (Central Italy) investigated through analytical and numerical modeling of DInSAR measurements …
G Lavecchia, R Castaldo, R De Nardis, V De Novellis, F Ferrarini, S Pepe, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 43 (24), 12,389-12,398, 2016
The 21 August 2017 Ischia (Italy) earthquake source model inferred from seismological, GPS, and DInSAR measurements
V De Novellis, S Carlino, R Castaldo, A Tramelli, C De Luca, NA Pino, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 45 (5), 2193-2202, 2018
Coseismic Fault Model of Mw 8.3 2015 Illapel Earthquake (Chile) Retrieved from Multi-Orbit Sentinel1-A DInSAR Measurements.
G Solaro, V De Novellis, C Raffaele, DL Claudio, L Riccardo, M Michele, ...
Remote Sensing 8 (4), 2016
The role of thermo-rheological properties of the crust beneath Ischia Island (Southern Italy) in the modulation of the ground deformation pattern
R Castaldo, G Gola, A Santilano, V De Novellis, S Pepe, M Manzo, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 344, 154-173, 2017
Coseismic Stress and Strain Field Changes Investigation Through 3‐D Finite Element Modeling of DInSAR and GPS Measurements and Geological/Seismological Data: The L'Aquila …
R Castaldo, R De Nardis, V DeNovellis, F Ferrarini, R Lanari, G Lavecchia, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 123 (5), 4193-4222, 2018
Finite element modelling of the 2015 Gorkha earthquake through the joint exploitation of DInSAR measurements and geologic-structural information
R Castaldo, V De Novellis, S Giuseppe, P Susi, T Pietro, DL Claudio, ...
Tectonophysics, 2016
Source modelling of the 2015 Wolf volcano (Galápagos) eruption inferred from Sentinel 1-A DInSAR deformation maps and pre-eruptive ENVISAT time series
V De Novellis, R Castaldo, C De Luca, S Pepe, I Zinno, F Casu, R Lanari, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 344, 246-256, 2017
Advanced Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modeling of a Slow Landslide through the Exploitation of DInSAR Measurements and in Situ Surveys
V De Novellis, R Castaldo, P Lollino, M Manunta, P Tizzani
Remote Sensing 8 (8), 2016
Ground Deformation and Source Geometry of the 30 October 2016 Mw 6.5 Norcia Earthquake (Central Italy) Investigated Through Seismological Data, DInSAR Measurements, and …
E Valerio, P Tizzani, E Carminati, C Doglioni, S Pepe, P Petricca, ...
Remote Sensing 10 (12), 1901, 2018
New insights on the 2012–2013 uplift episode at Fernandina Volcano (Galápagos)
S Pepe, R Castaldo, V De Novellis, L D'Auria, C De Luca, F Casu, ...
Geophysical Journal International 211 (2), 673-685, 2017
The Use of Massive Deformation Datasets for the Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Mauna Loa Volcano (Hawai’i)
S Pepe, L D’Auria, R Castaldo, F Casu, C De Luca, V De Novellis, ...
Remote Sensing 10 (6), 968, 2018
The impact of crustal rheology on natural seismicity: Campi Flegrei caldera case study
R Castaldo, L D'Auria, S Pepe, G Solaro, V De Novellis, P Tizzani
Geoscience Frontiers 10 (2), 453-466, 2019
DInSAR analysis and analytical modelling of Mt. Etna displacements: the December 2018 volcano‐tectonic crisis
V De Novellis, S Atzori, C De Luca, M Manzo, E Valerio, M Bonano, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 46 (Issue11), 5817-5827, 2019
Ground deformation analysis through spaceborne SAR interferometry and geophysical modelling
G Solaro, M Manzo, M Bonano, R Castaldo, F Casu, C De Luca, ...
Integration of SBAS-DInSAR and in-situ observations for 3D numerical optimization modelling: The case study of Ivancich landslide (Assisi, Italy)
M Manunta, R Castaldo, V De Novellis, P Lollino, P Tizzani
2015 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS …, 2015
The 2019 Ridgecrest sequence. Adaptive slip imaging with variable rake. How well can we describe the slip details without loosing resolution?
A Antonioli, N Svigkas, V De Novellis, C Tolomei, S Atzori
AGU Fall Meeting 2019, 2019
The July 2019 Ridgecrest seismic sequence: multi-sensor DInSAR data and coseismic source modeling
V De Novellis, A Antonioli, S Atzori, M Bonano, R Castaldo, F Casu, ...
AGU Fall Meeting 2019, 2019
Optimized, InSAR-based models for the 2017-2018 M 6+ Mexico earthquakes: unveiling the role of resolution
S Atzori, A Antonioli, C Tolomei, V De Novellis, C de Luca, F Monterroso
AGU Fall Meeting 2019, 2019
InSAR full-resolution analysis of the 2017–2018 M> 6 earthquakes in Mexico
S Atzori, A Antonioli, C Tolomei, V De Novellis, C De Luca, F Monterroso
Remote Sensing of Environment 234, 111461, 2019
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