Stefania Pagliara
Stefania Pagliara
I-Lamp and Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica, Università Cattolica, Brescia, Italy
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Enhancing the sensitivity of chemiresistor gas sensors based on pristine carbon nanotubes to detect low-ppb ammonia concentrations in the environment
F Rigoni, S Tognolini, P Borghetti, G Drera, S Pagliara, A Goldoni, ...
Analyst 138 (24), 7392-7399, 2013
High sensitivity, moisture selective, ammonia gas sensors based on single-walled carbon nanotubes functionalized with indium tin oxide nanoparticles
F Rigoni, G Drera, S Pagliara, A Goldoni, L Sangaletti
Carbon 80, 356-363, 2014
Optical characterization of CdSxSe1− x films grown on quartz substrate by pulsed laser ablation technique
G Perna, S Pagliara, V Capozzi, M Ambrico, T Ligonzo
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Experimental evidence of above-threshold photoemission in solids
F Banfi, C Giannetti, G Ferrini, G Galimberti, S Pagliara, D Fausti, ...
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Electronic structure and molecular orientation of a Zn-tetra-phenyl porphyrin multilayer on Si (1 1 1)
CC Cudia, P Vilmercati, R Larciprete, C Cepek, G Zampieri, L Sangaletti, ...
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Development of a sensing array for human breath analysis based on swcnt layers functionalized with semiconductor organic molecules
S Freddi, AV Emelianov, II Bobrinetskiy, G Drera, S Pagliara, DS Kopylova, ...
Advanced Healthcare Materials 9 (12), 2000377, 2020
Reflectance and photoluminescence characterization of CdS and CdSe heteroepitaxial films deposited by laser ablation technique
G Perna, V Capozzi, S Pagliara, M Ambrico, D Lojacono
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G Perna, S Pagliara, V Capozzi, M Ambrico, M Pallara
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Impact of covalent functionalization by diazonium chemistry on the electronic properties of graphene on SiC
G Ambrosio, A Brown, L Daukiya, G Drera, G Di Santo, L Petaccia, ...
Nanoscale 12 (16), 9032-9037, 2020
Humidity-enhanced sub-ppm sensitivity to ammonia of covalently functionalized single-wall carbon nanotube bundle layers
F Rigoni, S Freddi, S Pagliara, G Drera, L Sangaletti, JM Suisse, M Bouvet, ...
Nanotechnology 28 (25), 255502, 2017
Photoinduced π− π* Band Gap Renormalization in Graphite
S Pagliara, G Galimberti, S Mor, M Montagnese, G Ferrini, MS Grandi, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (16), 6318-6322, 2011
Electronic properties of the ordered metallic Mn: Ge (111) interface
L Sangaletti, D Ghidoni, S Pagliara, A Goldoni, A Morgante, L Floreano, ...
Physical Review B—Condensed Matter and Materials Physics 72 (3), 035434, 2005
Molecular orientations, electronic properties and charge transfer timescale in a Zn-porphyrin/C70 donor–acceptor complex for solar cells
P Vilmercati, CC Cudia, R Larciprete, C Cepek, G Zampieri, L Sangaletti, ...
Surface science 600 (18), 4018-4023, 2006
Direct evidence of chemically inhomogeneous, nanostructured, Si–O buried interfaces and their effect on the efficiency of carbon nanotube/Si photovoltaic heterojunctions
C Pintossi, G Salvinelli, G Drera, S Pagliara, L Sangaletti, SD Gobbo, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (36), 18688-18696, 2013
Enhanced selectivity of target gas molecules through a minimal array of gas sensors based on nanoparticle-decorated SWCNTs
S Freddi, G Drera, S Pagliara, A Goldoni, L Sangaletti
Analyst 144 (13), 4100-4110, 2019
Structural disorder in CdSxSe1− x films probed by microdiffraction experiments
S Pagliara, L Sangaletti, LE Depero, V Capozzi, G Perna
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Rashba spin-orbit coupling in image potential states
S Tognolini, S Achilli, L Longetti, E Fava, C Mariani, MI Trioni, S Pagliara
Physical review letters 115 (4), 046801, 2015
Environmental monitoring of low-ppb ammonia concentrations based on single-wall carbon nanotube chemiresistor gas sensors: Detection limits, response dynamics, and moisture effects
F Rigoni, S Tognolini, P Borghetti, G Drera, S Pagliara, A Goldoni, ...
Procedia Engineering 87, 716-719, 2014
Core Level Photoemission Evidence of Frustrated Surface Molecules: A Germ of Disorder at the (111) Surface of before the Order-Disorder Surface Phase …
A Goldoni, C Cepek, R Larciprete, L Sangaletti, S Pagliara, G Paolucci, ...
Physical Review Letters 88 (19), 196102, 2002
Controlled synthesis of carbon nanostructures using aligned ZnO nanorods as templates
P Mbuyisa, SP Bhardwaj, F Rigoni, E Carlino, S Pagliara, L Sangaletti, ...
Carbon 50 (15), 5472-5480, 2012
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