Emilie Roulleau
Emilie Roulleau
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Inner structure of La Fossa di Vulcano (Vulcano Island, southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy) revealed by high‐resolution electric resistivity tomography coupled with self‐potential …
A Revil, A Finizola, S Piscitelli, E Rizzo, T Ricci, A Crespy, B Angeletti, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 113 (B7), 2008
Exploring the structural controls on helium, nitrogen and carbon isotope signatures in hydrothermal fluids along an intra-arc fault system
D Tardani, M Reich, E Roulleau, N Takahata, Y Sano, P Pérez-Flores, ...
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 184, 193-211, 2016
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Y Sano, T Kagoshima, N Takahata, Y Nishio, E Roulleau, DL Pinti, ...
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New geological insights and structural control on fluid circulation in La Fossa cone (Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy)
S Barde-Cabusson, A Finizola, A Revil, T Ricci, S Piscitelli, E Rizzo, ...
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Origin of methane-rich natural gas at the West Pacific convergent plate boundary
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Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-10, 2017
Geochemical and isotopic (Nd–Sr–Hf–Pb) evidence for a lithospheric mantle source in the formation of the alkaline Monteregian Province (Quebec)
E Roulleau, R Stevenson
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 50 (6), 650-666, 2013
New insight from noble gas and stable isotopes of geothermal/hydrothermal fluids at Caviahue-Copahue Volcanic Complex: Boiling steam separation and water-rock interaction at …
E Roulleau, D Tardani, Y Sano, N Takahata, N Vinet, F Bravo, C Muñoz, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 328, 70-83, 2016
Tephro-chronostratigraphy of the lacustrine interglacial record of Piànico, Italian Southern Alps: Identifying the volcanic sources using radiogenic isotopes and trace elements
E Roulleau, DL Pinti, V Rouchon, X Quidelleur, PY Gillot
Quaternary International 204 (1-2), 31-43, 2009
3H/3He, 14C and (U–Th)/he groundwater ages in the st. lawrence lowlands, quebec, eastern canada
G Vautour, DL Pinti, P Méjean, M Saby, G Meyzonnat, M Larocque, ...
Chemical Geology 413, 94-106, 2015
He, N and C isotopes and fluxes in Aira caldera: Comparative study of hydrothermal activity in Sakurajima volcano and Wakamiko crater, Kyushu, Japan
E Roulleau, Y Sano, N Takahata, S Kawagucci, H Takahashi
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal research 258, 163-175, 2013
Structural controls on fluid circulation at the Caviahue-Copahue Volcanic Complex (CCVC) geothermal area (Chile-Argentina), revealed by soil CO2 and temperature, self-potential …
E Roulleau, F Bravo, DL Pinti, S Barde-Cabusson, M Pizarro, D Tardani, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 341, 104-118, 2017
N, Ar and Pb isotopic co-variations in magmatic minerals: Discriminating fractionation processes from magmatic sources in Monteregian Hills, Québec, Canada
E Roulleau, DL Pinti, RK Stevenson, N Takahata, Y Sano, F Pitre
Chemical Geology 326, 123-131, 2012
Ten-year helium anomaly prior to the 2014 Mt Ontake eruption. Sci Rep 5: 13069
Y Sano, T Kagoshima, N Takahata, Y Nishio, E Roulleau, DL Pinti, ...
Multi-element isotopic evolution of magmatic rocks from Caviahue-Copahue Volcanic Complex (Chile-Argentina): Involvement of mature slab recycled materials
E Roulleau, D Tardani, I Vlastelic, N Vinet, J Sanchez, Y Sano, ...
Chemical Geology 476, 370-388, 2018
Effect of the volcanic front migration on helium, nitrogen, argon, and carbon geochemistry of hydrothermal/magmatic fluids from Hokkaido volcanoes, Japan
E Roulleau, N Vinet, Y Sano, N Takahata, H Shinohara, M Ooki, ...
Chemical Geology 414, 42-58, 2015
He, Ar, N and C isotope compositions in Tatun Volcanic Group (TVG), Taiwan: Evidence for an important contribution of pelagic carbonates in the magmatic source
E Roulleau, Y Sano, N Takahata, FT Yang, HA Takahashi
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Spatial and temporal variations of gas geochemistry at Mt. Ontake, Japan
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Mantle helium in Southern Quebec groundwater: A possible fossil record of the New England hotspot
P Méjean, DL Pinti, T Kagoshima, E Roulleau, L Demarets, A Poirier, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 545, 116352, 2020
Noble-gas and nitrogen isotope geochemistry of geothermal fluids from the Caviahue-Copahue volcanic complex in the Southern Andes
E Roulleau, D Tardani, N Vinet, Y Sano, N Takahata, M Reich
Goldschmidt, Pragua, August, 2015
Structural control on shallow hydrogeochemical processes at Caviahue-Copahue Volcanic Complex (CCVC), Argentina
D Tardani, E Roulleau, DL Pinti, P Pérez-Flores, L Daniele, M Reich, ...
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 414, 107228, 2021
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