Riccardo Avanzinelli
Riccardo Avanzinelli
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Florence, Italy
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Trace elements and Sr–Nd–Pb isotopes of K-rich, shoshonitic, and calc-alkaline magmatism of the Western Mediterranean Region: genesis of ultrapotassic to calc-alkaline magmatic …
S Conticelli, L Guarnieri, A Farinelli, M Mattei, R Avanzinelli, G Bianchini, ...
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Evidence of paleo–cold seep activity from the Bay of Bengal, offshore India
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Combined 238U–230Th and 235U–231Pa constraints on the transport of slab-derived material beneath the Mariana Islands
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Crystal recycling in the steady-state system of the active Stromboli volcano: a 2.5-ka story inferred from in situ Sr-isotope and trace element data
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Sr-Nd-Pb isotopes from the Radicofani Volcano, Central Italy: constraints on heterogeneities in a veined mantle responsible for the shift from ultrapotassic shoshonite to …
S Conticelli, R Avanzinelli, S Marchionni, S Tommasini, L Melluso
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The Colli Albani Volcano 3, 107-139, 2010
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