Giuseppino Sabbatini Peverieri
Giuseppino Sabbatini Peverieri
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Introduction into Italy of Gryon pennsylvanicum (Ashmead), an egg parasitoid of the alien invasive bug Leptoglossus occidentalis Heidemann
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Effects of variety and management practices on mite species diversity in Italian vineyards
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Monitoring of insects with public participation (MIPP; EU LIFE project 11 NAT/IT/000252): overview on a citizen science initiative and a monitoring programme (Insecta…
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Two asian egg parasitoids of Halyomorpha halys (Stl)(Hemiptera, Pentatomidae) emerge in northern italy: Trissolcus mitsukurii (Ashmead) and Trissolcus japonicus (Ashmead…
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Pre-release risk assessment of the egg-parasitoid Gryon pennsylvanicum for classical biological control of Leptoglossus occidentalis
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Effects of Leptoglossus occidentalis Heidemann (Heteroptera Coreidae) egg age on the indigenous parasitoid Ooencyrtus pityocampae Mercet (Hymenoptera Encyrtidae)
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A key for the identification of larvae of Anoplophora chinensis, Anoplophora glabripennis and Psacothea hilaris (Coleoptera Cerambycidae Lamiinae) in Europe
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Guidelines for the monitoring of Rosalia alpina
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