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Structure functions in turbulence, in various flow configurations, at Reynolds number between 30 and 5000, using extended self-similarity
A Arneodo, C Baudet, F Belin, R Benzi, B Castaing, B Chabaud, ...
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Burgers' equation, Devil's staircases and the mass distribution for large-scale structures
M Vergassola, B Dubrulle, U Frisch, A Noullez
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Transverse velocity increments in turbulent flow using the RELIEF technique
A Noullez, G Wallace, W Lempert, RB Miles, U Frisch
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 339, 287-307, 1997
Observation of inertial energy cascade in interplanetary space plasma
L Sorriso-Valvo, R Marino, V Carbone, A Noullez, F Lepreti, P Veltri, ...
Physical review letters 99 (11), 115001, 2007
Boundaries in lattice gas flows
P Lavallee, JP Boon, A Noullez
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 47 (1-2), 233-240, 1991
A frequency selective filter for short-length time series
A Iacobucci, A Noullez
Computational economics 25 (1-2), 75-102, 2005
Heating the solar wind by a magnetohydrodynamic turbulent energy cascade
R Marino, L Sorriso-Valvo, V Carbone, A Noullez, R Bruno, B Bavassano
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 677 (1), L71, 2008
Scaling laws of turbulence and heating of fast solar wind: the role of density fluctuations
V Carbone, R Marino, L Sorriso-Valvo, A Noullez, R Bruno
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Lagrangian method for multiple correlations in passive scalar advection
U Frisch, A Mazzino, A Noullez, M Vergassola
Physics of Fluids 11 (8), 2178-2186, 1999
Global fluctuations in decaying Burgers turbulence
A Noullez, JF Pinton
The European Physical Journal B-Condensed Matter and Complex Systems 28 (2á…, 2002
A fast Legendre transform algorithm and applications to the adhesion model
A Noullez, M Vergassola
Journal of Scientific Computing 9 (3), 259-281, 1994
Large-scale dynamo produced by negative magnetic eddy diffusivities
A Lanotte, A Noullez, M Vergassola, A Wirth
Geophysical & Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics 91 (1-2), 131-146, 1999
Analysis of cancellation in two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
L Sorriso-Valvo, V Carbone, A Noullez, H Politano, A Pouquet, P Veltri
Physics of Plasmas 9 (1), 89-95, 2002
The magnetohydrodynamic turbulent cascade in the ecliptic solar wind: Study of Ulysses data
R Marino, L Sorriso-Valvo, V Carbone, P Veltri, A Noullez, R Bruno
Planetary and Space Science 59 (7), 592-597, 2011
Intermittent character of interplanetary magnetic field fluctuations
R Bruno, V Carbone, S Chapman, B Hnat, A Noullez, L Sorriso-Valvo
Physics of plasmas 14 (3), 032901, 2007
Turbulence and intermittency in the heliospheric magnetic field in fast and slow solar wind
E Yordanova, A Balogh, A Noullez, R Von Steiger
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 114 (A8), 2009
A heap-based algorithm for the study of onedimensional particle systems
A Noullez, D Fanelli, E Aurell
IAU Symposium 208, 2003
Topological changes of the photospheric magnetic field inside active regions: a prelude to flares?
L Sorriso-Valvo, V Carbone, P Veltri, VI Abramenko, A Noullez, H Politano, ...
Planetary and Space Science 52 (10), 937-943, 2004
Global picture of self-similar and non-self-similar decay in Burgers turbulence
A Noullez, SN Gurbatov, E Aurell, SI Simdyankin
Physical Review E 71 (5), 056305, 2005
Scaling Laws of Turbulence and Heating of Fast Solar Wind: The Role of Density Fluctuations
L Sorriso-Valvo, V Carbone, R Marino, A Noullez, R Bruno, P Veltri
Physical Review Letters 104, 189002, 2010
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