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Extraordinary shifts of the Leidenfrost temperature from multiscale micro/nanostructured surfaces
C Kruse, T Anderson, C Wilson, C Zuhlke, D Alexander, G Gogos, S Ndao
Langmuir 29 (31), 9798-9806, 2013
Enhanced pool-boiling heat transfer and critical heat flux on femtosecond laser processed stainless steel surfaces
CM Kruse, T Anderson, C Wilson, C Zuhlke, D Alexander, G Gogos, ...
International journal of heat and mass transfer 82, 109-116, 2015
Formation of multiscale surface structures on nickel via above surface growth and below surface growth mechanisms using femtosecond laser pulses
CA Zuhlke, TP Anderson, DR Alexander
Optics express 21 (7), 8460-8473, 2013
Progress on the fabrication of on-chip, integrated chalcogenide glass (ChG)-based sensors
K Richardson, L Petit, N Carlie, B Zdyrko, I Luzinov, J Hu, A Agarwal, ...
Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics & Materials 19 (01), 75-99, 2010
Fundamentals of layered nanoparticle covered pyramidal structures formed on nickel during femtosecond laser surface interactions
CA Zuhlke, TP Anderson, DR Alexander
Applied surface science 283, 648-653, 2013
Comparison of the structural and chemical composition of two unique micro/nanostructures produced by femtosecond laser interactions on nickel
CA Zuhlke, TP Anderson, DR Alexander
Applied Physics Letters 103 (12), 121603, 2013
Effect of IR femtosecond laser irradiation on the structure of new sulfo-selenide glasses
L Petit, N Carlie, T Anderson, M Couzi, J Choi, M Richardson, ...
Optical Materials 29 (8), 1075-1083, 2007
Progress on the photoresponse of chalcogenide glasses and films to near-infrared femtosecond laser irradiation: a review
L Petit, N Carlie, T Anderson, J Choi, M Richardson, KC Richardson
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 14 (5), 1323-1334, 2008
Secondary pool boiling effects
C Kruse, A Tsubaki, C Zuhlke, T Anderson, D Alexander, G Gogos, ...
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Femtosecond laser photo-response of Ge23Sb7S70 films
T Anderson, L Petit, N Carlie, J Choi, J Hu, A Agarwal, L Kimerling, ...
Optics Express 16 (24), 20081-20098, 2008
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Having Enhanced Signal-to-Noise Ratio
DR Alexander, T Anderson, JC Bruce III
US Patent App. 13/490,808, 2012
Studies on structural, electrical, and optical properties of Cu doped As–Se–Te chalcogenide glasses
J Hu, X Sun, AM Agarwal, JF Viens, LC Kimerling, L Petit, N Carlie, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 101 (6), 063520, 2007
Self-propelled droplets on heated surfaces with angled self-assembled micro/nanostructures
C Kruse, I Somanas, T Anderson, C Wilson, C Zuhlke, D Alexander, ...
Microfluidics and nanofluidics 18 (5-6), 1417-1424, 2015
Experimental explanation of the formation mechanism of surface mound-structures by femtosecond laser on polycrystalline Ni60Nb40
E Peng, A Tsubaki, CA Zuhlke, M Wang, R Bell, MJ Lucis, TP Anderson, ...
Applied physics letters 108 (3), 031602, 2016
Investigation of femtosecond laser induced ripple formation on copper for varying incident angle
CA Zuhlke, GD Tsibidis, T Anderson, E Stratakis, G Gogos, DR Alexander
AIP advances 8 (1), 015212, 2018
Micro/nanostructures formation by femtosecond laser surface processing on amorphous and polycrystalline Ni60Nb40
E Peng, A Tsubaki, CA Zuhlke, M Wang, R Bell, MJ Lucis, TP Anderson, ...
Applied surface science 396, 1170-1176, 2017
A fundamental understanding of the dependence of the laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) signal strength on the complex focusing dynamics of femtosecond laser pulses on…
CA Zuhlke, J Bruce III, TP Anderson, DR Alexander, CG Parigger
Applied spectroscopy 68 (9), 1021-1029, 2014
Superhydrophobic metallic surfaces functionalized via femtosecond laser surface processing for long term air film retention when submerged in liquid
CA Zuhlke, TP Anderson, P Li, MJ Lucis, N Roth, JE Shield, B Terry, ...
Laser-based Micro-and Nanoprocessing IX 9351, 93510J, 2015
Spatially controlled dissolution of Ag nanoparticles in irradiated SiO2 sol–gel film
J Massera, A Martin, J Choi, T Anderson, L Petit, M Richardson, Y Obeng, ...
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 71 (12), 1634-1638, 2010
Effects of femtosecond laser surface processed nanoparticle layers on pool boiling heat transfer performance
C Kruse, M Lucis, JE Shield, T Anderson, C Zuhlke, D Alexander, ...
Journal of thermal science and engineering applications 10 (3), 2018
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