Jaime Gutierrez
Jaime Gutierrez
Health Sciences Faculty, Universidad San Sebastian
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Mice long-term high-fat diet feeding recapitulates human cardiovascular alterations: an animal model to study the early phases of diabetic cardiomyopathy
SD Calligaris, M Lecanda, F Solis, M Ezquer, J Gutierrez, E Brandan, ...
PloS one 8 (4), 2013
A novel mechanism of sequestering fibroblast growth factor 2 by glypican in lipid rafts, allowing skeletal muscle differentiation
J Gutiérrez, E Brandan
Molecular and cellular biology 30 (7), 1634-1649, 2010
Reducing CTGF/CCN2 slows down mdx muscle dystrophy and improves cell therapy
MG Morales, J Gutierrez, C Cabello-Verrugio, D Cabrera, KE Lipson, ...
Human molecular genetics 22 (24), 4938-4951, 2013
Decorin interacts with connective tissue growth factor (CTGF)/CCN2 by LRR12 inhibiting its biological activity
C Vial, J Gutiérrez, C Santander, D Cabrera, E Brandan
Journal of Biological Chemistry 286 (27), 24242-24252, 2011
Changes in secreted and cell associated proteoglycan synthesis during conversion of myoblasts to osteoblasts in response to bone morphogenetic protein‐2: Role of decorin in …
J Gutierrez, N Osses, E Brandan
Journal of cellular physiology 206 (1), 58-67, 2006
Role of skeletal muscle proteoglycans during myogenesis
E Brandan, J Gutierrez
Matrix Biology 32 (6), 289-297, 2013
Novel and optimized strategies for inducing fibrosis in vivo: focus on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
P Pessina, D Cabrera, MG Morales, CA Riquelme, J Gutiérrez, ...
Skeletal muscle 4 (1), 7, 2014
Role of proteoglycans in the regulation of the skeletal muscle fibrotic response
E Brandan, J Gutierrez
The FEBS journal 280 (17), 4109-4117, 2013
Nitric oxide is a central common metabolite in vascular dysfunction associated with diseases of human pregnancy
A Leiva, B Fuenzalida, E Barros, B Sobrevia, R Salsoso, T Saez, ...
Current vascular pharmacology 14 (3), 237-259, 2016
Human supraphysiological gestational weight gain and fetoplacental vascular dysfunction
F Pardo, L Silva, T Sáez, R Salsoso, J Gutiérrez, C Sanhueza, A Leiva, ...
International journal of obesity 39 (8), 1264-1273, 2015
Matrix metalloproteinase-2-deficient fibroblasts exhibit an alteration in the fibrotic response to connective tissue growth factor/CCN2 because of an increase in the levels of …
CA Droppelmann, J Gutiérrez, C Vial, E Brandan
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (20), 13551-13561, 2009
Andrographolide attenuates skeletal muscle dystrophy in mdx mice and increases efficiency of cell therapy by reducing fibrosis
D Cabrera, J Gutiérrez, C Cabello-Verrugio, MG Morales, S Mezzano, ...
Skeletal muscle 4 (1), 6, 2014
Insulin receptor isoforms: an integrated view focused on gestational diabetes mellitus
F Westermeier, T Saez, P Arroyo, F Toledo, J Gutierrez, C Sanhueza, ...
Diabetes/metabolism research and reviews 32 (4), 350-365, 2016
Insulin is a key modulator of fetoplacental endothelium metabolic disturbances in gestational diabetes mellitus
L Sobrevia, R Salsoso, B Fuenzalida, E Barros, L Toledo, L Silva, ...
Frontiers in physiology 7, 119, 2016
Glypican-1 regulates myoblast response to HGF via Met in a lipid raft-dependent mechanism: effect on migration of skeletal muscle precursor cells
J Gutiérrez, D Cabrera, E Brandan
Skeletal muscle 4 (1), 5, 2014
Adenosine and preeclampsia
R Salsoso, M Farias, J Gutierrez, F Pardo, DI Chiarello, F Toledo, A Leiva, ...
Molecular aspects of medicine 55, 126-139, 2017
Cross talk between adipose tissue and placenta in obese and gestational diabetes mellitus pregnancies via exosomes
N Jayabalan, S Nair, Z Nuzhat, GE Rice, FA Zuñiga, L Sobrevia, A Leiva, ...
Frontiers in endocrinology 8, 239, 2017
Mesenchymal stem cell therapy for doxorubicin cardiomyopathy: hopes and fears
F Ezquer, J Gutiérrez, M Ezquer, C Caglevic, HC Salgado, SD Calligaris
Stem cell research & therapy 6 (1), 116, 2015
Role of extracellular vesicles in glioma progression
C Quezada, Á Torres, I Niechi, D Uribe, S Contreras-Duarte, F Toledo, ...
Molecular aspects of medicine 60, 38-51, 2018
Molecular implications of adenosine in obesity
F Pardo, R Villalobos-Labra, DI Chiarello, R Salsoso, F Toledo, ...
Molecular aspects of medicine 55, 90-101, 2017
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