Anders RosÚn
Anders RosÚn
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Polyclonal Ig production after Epstein-Barr virus infection of human lymphocytes in vitro
A RosÚn, P Gergely, M Jondal, G Klein, S BRITTON
Nature 267 (5606), 52-54, 1977
Celiac disease revealed in 3% of Swedish 12-year-olds born during an epidemic
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Basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) upregulates the expression of bcl-2 in B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia cell lines resulting in delaying apoptosis
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Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 5 (EBNA-5) detect multiple protein species in Burkitt's lymphoma and lymphoblastoid cell lines.
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Leukotriene B4 enhances activation, proliferation, and differentiation of human B lymphocytes.
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Agarose isoelectric focusing of native human immunoglobulin M and α2-macroglobulin
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Cardiovascular mortality and N-terminal-proBNP reduced after combined selenium and coenzyme Q10 supplementation: a 5-year prospective randomized double-blind placebo-controlledá…
U Alehagen, P Johansson, M Bj÷rnstedt, A RosÚn, U Dahlstr÷m
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450K-array analysis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells reveals global DNA methylation to be relatively stable over time and similar in resting and proliferative compartments
N Cahill, AC Bergh, M Kanduri, H G÷ransson-Kultima, L Mansouri, ...
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Chronic myeloid leukemia patients with the e13a2 BCR-ABL fusion transcript have inferior responses to imatinib compared to patients with the e14a2 transcript
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The human B lymphocyte and carcinoma antigen, CDw40, is a phosphoprotein involved in growth signal transduction.
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A CD4+ T cell line-secreted factor, growth promoting for normal and leukemic B cells, identified as thioredoxin
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Improving coeliac disease risk prediction by testing non-HLA variants additional to HLA variants
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Gut 63 (3), 415-422, 2014
Iroquois homeobox gene 3 establishes fast conduction in the cardiac His–Purkinje network
SS Zhang, KH Kim, A Rosen, JW Smyth, R Sakuma, P Delgado-OlguÝn, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (33), 13576-13581, 2011
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