Luciano A. Abriata
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Mechanism of Cu A assembly
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Nitration of Solvent-exposed Tyrosine 74 on Cytochrome c Triggers Heme Iron-Methionine 80 Bond Disruption NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE AND OPTICAL SPECTROSCOPY STUDIES
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Assessing the potential of atomistic molecular dynamics simulations to probe reversible protein-protein recognition and binding
LA Abriata*, M Dal Peraro*, (* = both corresponding authors)
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Assessment of hard target modeling in CASP12 reveals an emerging role of alignment‐based contact prediction methods
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Nucleo-cytosolic shuttling of ARGONAUTE1 prompts a revised model of the plant microRNA pathway
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A coiled coil switch mediates cold sensing by the thermosensory protein DesK
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Loop recognition and copper-mediated disulfide reduction underpin metal site assembly of CuA in human cytochrome oxidase
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How Structural and Physicochemical Determinants Shape Sequence Constraints in a Functional Enzyme
LA Abriata*, T Palzkill, M Dal Peraro, (* = corresponding author)
PloS one 10 (2), 2015
Engineered Mononuclear Variants in Bacillus cereus Metallo-β-lactamase BcII Are Inactive
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Optimization of conformational dynamics in an epistatic evolutionary trajectory
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Alternative ground states enable pathway switching in biological electron transfer
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Signal sensing and transduction by histidine kinases as unveiled through studies on a temperature sensor
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Sequence–function–stability relationships in proteins from datasets of functionally annotated variants: The case of TEM β-lactamases
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Dissecting the effects of concentrated carbohydrate solutions on protein diffusion, hydration, and internal dynamics
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Control of the Electronic Ground State on an Electron‐Transfer Copper Site by Second‐Sphere Perturbations
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Analysis of copper–ligand bond lengths in X-ray structures of different types of copper sites in proteins
LA Abriata
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The importance of dynamics in integrative modeling of supramolecular assemblies
GE Tamň*, LA Abriata*, M Dal Peraro, (* = shared first authorship)
Current opinion in structural biology 31, 28-34, 2015
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