Matias Abel Oscar Quiroga
Matias Abel Oscar Quiroga
Grupo Positrones "Prof. Alfredo Dupasquier" IFIMAT (UNCPBA) y CIFICEN (UNCPBA-CICPBA-CONICET)
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Performance and degradation of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells: State of the art in modeling from atomistic to system scale
Journal of Power Sources 304, 207-233, 2016
A multiscale model of electrochemical double layers in energy conversion and storage devices
MA Quiroga, KH Xue, TK Nguyen, M Tułodziecki, H Huang, AA Franco
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A Measurement of g Using Alexander's Diving Bell
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229th ECS Meeting (May 29-June 2, 2016), 2016
Estudio teórico de la formación de nanoestructuras de carbono sobre superficies de catalizadores
MAO Quiroga
A density functional theory study of the mechanisms and energetics of graphene-like structures growth on palladium
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Zeno paradox: A relativistic approach to solution
MAO Quiroga
Univertity of Alberta, 2011
Modelling Panel Abstract & Speaker Biography
V Thangavel, MA Quiroga, M Morcrette, AA Franco
Investigating transient phenomena in lithium ion batteries: a multiscale modeling approach
TK Nguyen, A El Kharbachi, KH Xue, M Quiroga, D Larcher, AA Franco
Multiscale Modeling of All Solid State Batteries
H Huang, TK Nguyen, MA Quiroga, KH Xue, AA Francoa
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