Matias Abel Oscar Quiroga
Matias Abel Oscar Quiroga
Grupo Positrones "Prof. Alfredo Dupasquier" IFIMAT (UNCPBA) y CIFICEN (UNCPBA-CICPBA-CONICET)
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Performance and degradation of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells: State of the art in modeling from atomistic to system scale
Journal of Power Sources 304, 207-233, 2016
A multiscale model of electrochemical double layers in energy conversion and storage devices
MA Quiroga, KH Xue, TK Nguyen, M Tułodziecki, H Huang, AA Franco
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 161 (8), E3302-E3310, 2014
A microstructurally resolved model for Li-S batteries assessing the impact of the cathode design on the discharge performance
V Thangavel, KH Xue, Y Mammeri, M Quiroga, A Mastouri, C Guéry, ...
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 163 (13), A2817-A2829, 2016
Modeling Investigation of the Local Electrochemistry in Lithium-O2 Batteries: A Kinetic Monte Carlo Approach
G Blanquer, Y Yin, MA Quiroga, AA Franco
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 163 (3), A329-A337, 2016
A multi-paradigm computational model of materials electrochemical reactivity for energy conversion and storage
MA Quiroga, AA Franco
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 162 (7), E73-E83, 2015
A multiparadigm modeling investigation of membrane chemical degradation in PEM fuel cells
MA Quiroga, K Malek, AA Franco
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 163 (2), F59-F70, 2016
Role of Van der Waals forces in graphene adsorption over Pd, Pt, and Ni
MAO Quiroga, GF Cabeza
Brazilian Journal of Physics 43 (3), 126-129, 2013
A Measurement of g Using Alexander's Diving Bell
M Quiroga, S Martínez, S Otranto
The Physics Teacher 48 (6), 386-387, 2010
Structural and magnetic properties of Ni/Pt multilayers
MA Quiroga, GF Cabeza, NJ Castellani
Applied Surface Science 254 (1), 355-359, 2007
Growth of carbon structured over Pd, Pt and Ni: A comparative DFT study
MA Quiroga
Applied Surface Science 268, 11-15, 2013
Quimiadsorción y difusión de C sobre Pd (111) durante el crecimiento de nanofibras de carbono
MA Quiroga, GF Cabeza, MD Sánchez, S Moreno
A three dimensional kinetic Monte Carlo model for simulating the carbon/sulfur mesostructural evolutions of discharging lithium sulfur batteries
V Thangavel, OX Guerrero, M Quiroga, AM Mikala, A Rucci, AA Franco
Energy Storage Materials, 2019
Tracking Electrochemical Double Layer Effects Modulated By the Solvent Composition in Lithium Ion Batteries: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Investigation
V Thangavel, TK Nguyen, KH Xue, M Quiroga, AA Franco, D Larcher
Meeting Abstracts, 602-602, 2017
Electrochemistry in the Next Generation of Rechargeable Batteries: Challenging the Maze with Multiscale Computational Modeling
AA Franco, Y Yin, V Thangavel, M Quiroga, M Morcrette
Meeting Abstracts, 266-266, 2016
Estudio teórico de la formación de nanoestructuras de carbono sobre superficies de catalizadores
MAO Quiroga
Invited Presentation: Theory and Simulation of Multiscale Interplays Between Mechanical and Electrochemical Mechanisms in Fuel Cells and Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
AA Franco, M Quiroga, TK Nguyen, KH Xue
Meeting Abstracts, 343-343, 2014
Electrochemical Double Layers in Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion: A Multiscale Simulation Study
AA Franco, TK Nguyen, KH Xue, M Quiroga, H Huang
Meeting Abstracts, 689-689, 2014
A density functional theory study of the mechanisms and energetics of graphene-like structures growth on palladium
MAO Quiroga, GF Cabeza, MD Sanchez
Trade Science, 2011
Zeno paradox: A relativistic approach to solution
MAO Quiroga
Univertity of Alberta, 2011
Modelling Panel Abstract & Speaker Biography
V Thangavel, MA Quiroga, M Morcrette, AA Franco
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