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Mario Rossi
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Physical interaction with Yes-associated protein enhances p73 transcriptional activity
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The ubiquitin–protein ligase Itch regulates p73 stability
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The ubiquitin-protein ligase Itch regulates p73 stability
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FBXO11 targets BCL6 for degradation and is inactivated in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas
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From p63 to p53 across p73
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FLASH is required for histone transcription and S-phase progression
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Desmethylclomipramine induces the accumulation of autophagy markers by blocking autophagic flux
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The Nedd4-binding partner 1 (N4BP1) protein is an inhibitor of the E3 ligase Itch
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High throughput screening for inhibitors of the HECT ubiquitin E3 ligase ITCH identifies antidepressant drugs as regulators of autophagy
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Yes-associated protein (YAP) is a critical mediator of c-Jun-dependent apoptosis
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Alternative bacteriophage display systems
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Dengue virus genome uncoating requires ubiquitination
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Itch self-polyubiquitylation occurs through lysine-63 linkages
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CRL1-FBXO11 Promotes Cdt2 Ubiquitylation and Degradation and Regulates Pr-Set7/Set8-Mediated Cellular Migration
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Molecular cell, 2013
Regulation of the CRL4< sup> Cdt2</sup> Ubiquitin Ligase and Cell-Cycle Exit by the SCF< sup> Fbxo11</sup> Ubiquitin Ligase
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Probing protein-tyrosine phosphatase substrate specificity using a phosphotyrosine-containing phage library
S Wlchli, X Espanel, A Harrenga, M Rossi, G Cesareni, ...
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