Francesco De Rango
Francesco De Rango
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Ecology and Earth Sciences, University of Calabria
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A novel VNTR enhancer within the SIRT3 gene, a human homologue of SIR2, is associated with survival at oldest ages
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Human longevity: Genetics or Lifestyle? It takes two to tango
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The Study of APOA1, APOC3 and APOA4 Variability in Healthy Ageing People Reveals Another Paradox 
 in the Oldest Old Subjects
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The frequency of Klotho KL-VS polymorphism in a large Italian population, from young subjects to centenarians, suggests the presence of specific time windows for its effect
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The allele (A)-110 in the promoter region of the HSP70-1 gene is unfavorable to longevity in women
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A cross-section analysis of FT3 age-related changes in a group of old and oldest-old subjects, including centenarians’ relatives, shows that a down-regulated thyroid function…
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Design, recruitment, logistics, and data management of the GEHA (Genetics of Healthy Ageing) project
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A study of the average effect of the 3'APOB-VNTR polymorphism on lipidemic parameters could explain why the short alleles (< 35 repeats) are rare in centenarians
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Glomerular filtration rate in the elderly and in the oldest old: correlation with frailty and mortality
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To grow old in southern Italy: a comprehensive description of the old and oldest old in Calabria
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Gerontology 57 (4), 327-334, 2011
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