Elisa Fresta
Elisa Fresta
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Beyond traditional light-emitting electrochemical cells–a review of new device designs and emitters
E Fresta, RD Costa
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (23), 5643-5675, 2017
Merging Biology and Solid‐State Lighting: Recent Advances in Light‐Emitting Diodes Based on Biological Materials
E Fresta, V Fernández‐Luna, PB Coto, RD Costa
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (24), 1707011, 2018
Rationalizing Fabrication and Design Toward Highly Efficient and Stable Blue Light‐Emitting Electrochemical Cells Based on NHC Copper (I) Complexes
MD Weber, E Fresta, M Elie, ME Miehlich, JL Renaud, K Meyer, S Gaillard, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (17), 1707423, 2018
Novel Ligand and Device Designs for Stable Light-Emitting Electrochemical Cells Based on Heteroleptic Copper (I) Complexes
E Fresta, G Volpi, M Milanesio, C Garino, C Barolo, RD Costa
Inorganic chemistry 57 (16), 10469-10479, 2018
White perovskite based lighting devices
M Bidikoudi, E Fresta, RD Costa
Chemical Communications 54 (59), 8150-8169, 2018
Contextualizing yellow light-emitting electrochemical cells based on a blue-emitting imidazo-pyridine emitter
E Fresta, G Volpi, C Garino, C Barolo, RD Costa
Polyhedron 140, 129-137, 2018
White-emitting organometallo-silica nanoparticles for sun-like light-emitting diodes
C Ezquerro, E Fresta, E Serrano, E Lalinde, J García-Martínez, ...
Materials Horizons 6 (1), 130-136, 2019
Polypyridyl ligands as a versatile platform for solid-state light-emitting devices
B Pashaei, S Karimi, H Shahroosvand, P Abbasi, M Pilkington, ...
Chemical Society Reviews 48 (19), 5033-5139, 2019
White Light‐Emitting Electrochemical Cells Based on Deep‐Red Cu (I) Complexes
E Fresta, MD Weber, J Fernandez‐Cestau, RD Costa
Advanced Optical Materials, 2019
Deciphering the Electroluminescence Behavior of Silver (I)‐Complexes in Light‐Emitting Electrochemical Cells: Limitations and Solutions toward Highly Stable Devices
E Fresta, JM Carbonell‐Vilar, J Yu, D Armentano, J Cano, ...
Advanced Functional Materials, 1901797, 2019
Photoluminescent Cu (I) vs. Ag (I) complexes: slowing down emission in Cu (I) complexes by pentacoordinate low-lying excited states
JM Carbonell-Vilar, E Fresta, D Armentano, RD Costa, ...
Dalton Transactions, 2019
Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Bis (2-phenylpyridine-C, N’)-bis (acetonitrile) iridium (III) hexafluorophosphate Showing Three Anion/Cation Couples in the Asymmetric Unit
E Fresta, M Milanesio, G Volpi, C Barolo, E Conterosito
Crystals 9 (12), 617, 2019
Versatile Homoleptic Naphthyl-Acetylide Heteronuclear [Pt2M4 (C (sic) C-Np)(8)](M= Ag, Cu) Phosphors for Highly Efficient White and NIR Hybrid Light-Emitting Diodes
E Fresta, J Fernandez-Cestau, B Gil, P Montano, JR Berenguer, ...
Versatile Homoleptic Naphthyl‐Acetylide Heteronuclear [Pt2M4 (C C‐Np) 8](M= Ag, Cu) Phosphors for Highly Efficient White and NIR Hybrid Light‐Emitting Diodes
E Fresta, J Fernández‐Cestau, B Gil, P Montańo, JR Berenguer, ...
Advanced Optical Materials, 2019
Peripheral Substitution of Tetraphenyl Porphyrins: Fine‐Tuning Self‐Assembly for Enhanced Electroluminescence
A Charisiadis, A Bagaki, E Fresta, KT Weber, G Charalambidis, C Stangel, ...
ChemPlusChem 83 (4), 254-265, 2018
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