Salvatore Zarra
Salvatore Zarra
Bell Labs
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Molecular containers in complex chemical systems
S Zarra, DM Wood, DA Roberts, JR Nitschke
Chemical Society Reviews 44 (2), 419-432, 2015
Metal–organic container molecules through subcomponent self-assembly
TK Ronson, S Zarra, SP Black, JR Nitschke
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A self-organizing chemical assembly line
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Quantitative understanding of guest binding enables the design of complex host–guest behavior
MMJ Smulders, S Zarra, JR Nitschke
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Selective Encapsulation and Sequential Release of Guests Within a Self‐Sorting Mixture of Three Tetrahedral Cages
A Jimnez, RA Bilbeisi, TK Ronson, S Zarra, C Woodhead, JR Nitschke
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Post-assembly Modification of Tetrazine-Edged FeII4L6 Tetrahedra
DA Roberts, BS Pilgrim, JD Cooper, TK Ronson, S Zarra, JR Nitschke
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Guest Binding Subtly Influences Spin Crossover in an FeII4L4 Capsule
RA Bilbeisi, S Zarra, HLC Feltham, GNL Jameson, JK Clegg, S Brooker, ...
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Selective Assembly and Disassembly of a Water‐Soluble Fe10L15 Prism
S Zarra, JK Clegg, JR Nitschke
Angewandte Chemie 125 (18), 4937-4940, 2013
Guanidinium binding modulates guest exchange within an [M4L6] capsule
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Aqueous Anion Receptors through Reduction of Subcomponent Self‐Assembled Structures
J Mosquera, S Zarra, JR Nitschke
Angewandte Chemie 126 (6), 1582-1585, 2014
Predicting paramagnetic 1 H NMR chemical shifts and state-energy separations in spin-crossover host–guest systems
WC Isley III, S Zarra, RK Carlson, RA Bilbeisi, TK Ronson, JR Nitschke, ...
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Chain-Reaction Anion Exchange between Metal–Organic Cages
S Ma, MMJ Smulders, YR Hristova, JK Clegg, TK Ronson, S Zarra, ...
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Icosahedral Pt-Centered Pt13 and Pt19 Carbonyl Clusters Decorated by [Cd5(μ-Br)5Br5−x(solvent)x]x+ Rings Reminiscent of the Decoration of Au−Fe…
C Femoni, MC Iapalucci, G Longoni, S Zacchini, S Zarra
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (8), 2406-2409, 2011
Surface decorated platinum carbonyl clusters
I Ciabatti, C Femoni, MC Iapalucci, G Longoni, S Zacchini, S Zarra
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The influence of nanocrystal aggregates on photovoltaic performance in nanocrystal–polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells
ML Bhm, RJP Kist, FSF Morgenstern, B Ehrler, S Zarra, A Kumar, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (12), 1400139, 2014
Electronic Stabilization of Trigonal Bipyramidal Clusters: the Role of the Sn(II) Ions in [Pt5(CO)5{Cl2Sn(μ-OR)SnCl2}3]3– (R = H, Me, Et, iPr)
A Ceriotti, M Daghetta, S El Afefey, A Ienco, G Longoni, G Manca, C Mealli, ...
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The inter-conversions of platinum carbonyl dianionic clusters,[Pt3 (CO) 6] n2−(n= 2–5), in THF and acetonitrile. A combined in situ FTIR spectroscopic and BTEM study leading to…
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Dalton Transactions 40 (18), 5002-5008, 2011
New Findings in the Chemistry of Iron Carbonyls: The Previously Unreported [H4−nFe4(CO)12]n (n = 1, 2) Series of Clusters, Which Fills the Gap with…
C Femoni, MC Iapalucci, G Longoni, S Zacchini, S Zarra
Inorganic chemistry 48 (4), 1599-1605, 2009
Water-soluble metal-organic architectures: self-assembly and host-guest behaviour
S Zarra
University of Cambridge, 2013
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