Enrico M Bucci
Enrico M Bucci
Adjunct Professor in Systems Biology, Temple University
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COVID-19 infection: the perspectives on immune responses
Y Shi, Y Wang, C Shao, J Huang, J Gan, X Huang, E Bucci, M Piacentini, ...
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Data as a service (DaaS) for sharing and processing of large data collections in the cloud
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Fractal parameters and vascular networks: facts & artifacts
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BCG vaccination policy and preventive chloroquine usage: do they have an impact on COVID-19 pandemic?
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RNA-binding and viral reverse transcriptase inhibitory activity of a novel cationic diamino acid-based peptide
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Self-efficacy for Coping Moderates the Effects of Distress on Quality of Life in Palliative Cancer Care
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Parkinson's disease plasma biomarkers: an automated literature analysis followed by experimental validation
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