Matteo Calvaresi
Matteo Calvaresi
Associate Professor, Dipartimento di Chimica "G. Ciamician", Università di Bologna
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The devil and holy water: protein and carbon nanotube hybrids
M Calvaresi, F Zerbetto
Accounts of chemical research 46 (11), 2454-2463, 2013
Baiting proteins with C60
M Calvaresi, F Zerbetto
ACS nano 4 (4), 2283-2299, 2010
Wrapping nanotubes with micelles, hemimicelles, and cylindrical micelles
M Calvaresi, M Dallavalle, F Zerbetto
Small 5 (19), 2191-2198, 2009
Graphene can wreak havoc with cell membranes
M Dallavalle, M Calvaresi, A Bottoni, M Melle-Franco, F Zerbetto
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (7), 4406-4414, 2015
A molecular dynamics investigation of structure and dynamics of SDS and SDBS micelles
F Palazzesi, M Calvaresi, F Zerbetto
Soft Matter 7 (19), 9148-9156, 2011
Probing the Structure of Lysozyme–Carbon‐Nanotube Hybrids with Molecular Dynamics
M Calvaresi, S Hoefinger, F Zerbetto
Chemistry–A European Journal 18 (14), 4308-4313, 2012
Temperature‐Dependent Fluorescence of Cu5 Metal Clusters: A Molecular Thermometer
D Cauzzi, R Pattacini, M Delferro, F Dini, C Di Natale, R Paolesse, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (38), 9662-9665, 2012
A simple road for the transformation of few-layer graphene into MWNTs
M Quintana, M Grzelczak, K Spyrou, M Calvaresi, S Bals, B Kooi, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (32), 13310-13315, 2012
A computational analysis of the insertion of carbon nanotubes into cellular membranes
S Höfinger, M Melle-Franco, T Gallo, A Cantelli, M Calvaresi, ...
Biomaterials 32 (29), 7079-7085, 2011
C60@ Lysozyme: direct observation by nuclear magnetic resonance of a 1: 1 fullerene protein adduct
M Calvaresi, F Arnesano, S Bonacchi, A Bottoni, V Calo, S Conte, G Falini, ...
ACS nano 8 (2), 1871-1877, 2014
Conformational selection and folding-upon-binding of intrinsically disordered protein CP12 regulate photosynthetic enzymes assembly
S Fermani, X Trivelli, F Sparla, A Thumiger, M Calvaresi, L Marri, G Falini, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 287 (25), 21372-21383, 2012
Electronic structure of carbon nanotubes with ultrahigh curvature
W Plank, R Pfeiffer, C Schaman, H Kuzmany, M Calvaresi, F Zerbetto, ...
ACS nano 4 (8), 4515-4522, 2010
Nanopatterning of carbonaceous structures by field-induced carbon dioxide splitting with a force microscope
R Garcia, NS Losilla, J Martinez, RV Martinez, FJ Palomares, Y Huttel, ...
Applied Physics Letters 96 (14), 143110, 2010
A combined theoretical and experimental investigation on the enantioselective oxidation of aryl benzyl sulfides in the presence of a chiral titanium catalyst
F Naso, MAM Capozzi, A Bottoni, M Calvaresi, V Bertolasi, F Capitelli, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 15 (48), 13417-13426, 2009
An Experimentally Observed Trimetallofullerene Sm3@Ih-C80: Encapsulation of Three Metal Atoms in a Cage without a Nonmetallic Mediator
W Xu, L Feng, M Calvaresi, J Liu, Y Liu, B Niu, Z Shi, Y Lian, F Zerbetto
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (11), 4187-4190, 2013
Rolling up a graphene sheet
M Calvaresi, M Quintana, P Rudolf, F Zerbetto, M Prato
ChemPhysChem 14 (15), 3447-3453, 2013
Fullerene sorting proteins
M Calvaresi, F Zerbetto
Nanoscale 3 (7), 2873-2881, 2011
Computational clues for a new mechanism in the glycosylase activity of the human DNA repair protein hOGG1. A generalized paradigm for purine-repairing systems?
M Calvaresi, A Bottoni, M Garavelli
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (23), 6557-6570, 2007
Selective Enhancement of Photoluminescence in Filled Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotubes
X Liu, H Kuzmany, P Ayala, M Calvaresi, F Zerbetto, T Pichler
Advanced Functional Materials 22 (15), 3202-3208, 2012
In silico carborane docking to proteins and potential drug targets
M Calvaresi, F Zerbetto
Journal of chemical information and modeling 51 (8), 1882-1896, 2011
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