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Region of interest analysis using an SPM toolbox
M Brett, JL Anton, R Valabregue, JB Poline
8th international conference on functional mapping of the human brain 16 (2 …, 2002
Region of interest analysis using the MarsBar toolbox for SPM 99
M Brett, JL Anton, R Valabregue, JB Poline
Neuroimage 16 (2), S497, 2002
Short frontal lobe connections of the human brain
M Catani, F Dell’Acqua, F Vergani, F Malik, H Hodge, P Roy, ...
cortex 48 (2), 273-291, 2012
Monkey to human comparative anatomy of the frontal lobe association tracts
MT de Schotten, F Dell’Acqua, R Valabregue, M Catani
Cortex 48 (1), 82-96, 2012
Specialization for written words over objects in the visual cortex
M Szwed, S Dehaene, A Kleinschmidt, E Eger, R Valabrègue, A Amadon, ...
Neuroimage 56 (1), 330-344, 2011
Distinct structural changes underpin clinical phenotypes in patients with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
Y Worbe, E Gerardin, A Hartmann, R Valabregue, M Chupin, L Tremblay, ...
Brain 133 (12), 3649-3660, 2010
Structural connectivity differences in left and right temporal lobe epilepsy
P Besson, V Dinkelacker, R Valabregue, L Thivard, X Leclerc, M Baulac, ...
Neuroimage 100, 135-144, 2014
Altered structural connectivity of cortico-striato-pallido-thalamic networks in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
Y Worbe, L Marrakchi-Kacem, S Lecomte, R Valabregue, F Poupon, ...
Brain 138 (2), 472-482, 2014
Parkinson's disease patients show reduced cortical‐subcortical sensorimotor connectivity
M Sharman, R Valabregue, V Perlbarg, L Marrakchi‐Kacem, M Vidailhet, ...
Movement Disorders 28 (4), 447-454, 2013
Get aroused and be stronger: emotional facilitation of physical effort in the human brain
L Schmidt, ML Cléry-Melin, G Lafargue, R Valabrègue, P Fossati, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 29 (30), 9450-9457, 2009
Localized 1H NMR spectroscopy in different regions of human brain in vivo at 7 T: T2 relaxation times and concentrations of cerebral metabolites
M Marjańska, EJ Auerbach, R Valabrègue, PF Van de Moortele, ...
NMR in Biomedicine 25 (2), 332-339, 2012
The basins of attraction of a new Hopfield learning rule
AJ Storkey, R Valabregue
Neural Networks 12 (6), 869-876, 1999
Diffusion abnormalities in the primary sensorimotor pathways in writer's cramp
C Delmaire, M Vidailhet, D Wassermann, M Descoteaux, R Valabregue, ...
Archives of neurology 66 (4), 502-508, 2009
Relation between cerebral blood flow and metabolism explained by a model of oxygen exchange
R Valabrègue, A Aubert, J Burger, J Bittoun, R Costalat
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 23 (5), 536-545, 2003
Identification of genetic variants associated with Huntington's disease progression: a genome-wide association study
DJH Moss, AF Pardiñas, D Langbehn, K Lo, BR Leavitt, R Roos, A Durr, ...
The Lancet Neurology 16 (9), 701-711, 2017
The structural correlates of functional deficits in early huntington's disease
C Delmaire, EM Dumas, MA Sharman, SJA Van den Bogaard, ...
Human brain mapping 34 (9), 2141-2153, 2013
Individual differences in prefrontal cortical activation on the Tower of London planning task: Implication for effortful processing
F Cazalis, R Valabregue, M Pélégrini‐Issac, S Asloun, TW Robbins, ...
European Journal of Neuroscience 17 (10), 2219-2225, 2003
The relationship of lyrics and tunes in the processing of unfamiliar songs: a functional magnetic resonance adaptation study
D Sammler, A Baird, R Valabrègue, S Clément, S Dupont, P Belin, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (10), 3572-3578, 2010
Compensation in preclinical Huntington's disease: evidence from the track-on HD study
S Klöppel, S Gregory, E Scheller, L Minkova, A Razi, A Durr, RAC Roos, ...
EBioMedicine 2 (10), 1420-1429, 2015
Unconsciously deciphering handwriting: subliminal invariance for handwritten words in the visual word form area
E Qiao, F Vinckier, M Szwed, L Naccache, R Valabrègue, S Dehaene, ...
Neuroimage 49 (2), 1786-1799, 2010
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