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Circular dichroism in the optical second-harmonic emission of curved gold metal nanowires
A Belardini, MC Larciprete, M Centini, E Fazio, C Sibilia, D Chiappe, ...
Physical Review Letters 107 (25), 257401, 2011
Characterization of second and third order optical nonlinearities of ZnO sputtered films
MC Larciprete, D Haertle, A Belardini, M Bertolotti, F Sarto, P GŘnter
Applied Physics B 82, 431-437, 2006
Tailored second harmonic generation from self-organized metal nano-wires arrays
A Belardini, MC Larciprete, M Centini, E Fazio, C Sibilia, M Bertolotti, ...
Optics Express 17 (5), 3603-3609, 2009
Chiral light intrinsically couples to extrinsic/pseudo-chiral metasurfaces made of tilted gold nanowires
A Belardini, M Centini, G Leahu, DC Hooper, R Li Voti, E Fazio, JW Haus, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-9, 2016
Second harmonic generation circular dichroism from self‐ordered hybrid plasmonic–photonic nanosurfaces
A Belardini, A Benedetti, M Centini, G Leahu, F Mura, S Sennato, C Sibilia, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 2 (3), 208-213, 2014
Second-harmonic generation from metallodielectric multilayer photonic-band-gap structures
MC Larciprete, A Belardini, MG Cappeddu, D De Ceglia, M Centini, ...
Physical Review A 77 (1), 013809, 2008
Measurement of the electro-optic properties of poled polymers at by means of sandwich structures with zinc oxide transparent electrode
F Michelotti, A Belardini, MC Larciprete, M Bertolotti, A Rousseau, ...
Applied Physics Letters 83 (22), 4477-4479, 2003
Complete spatial and temporal locking in phase-mismatched second-harmonic generation
E Fazio, F Pettazzi, M Centini, M Chauvet, A Belardini, M Alonzo, C Sibilia, ...
Optics Express 17 (5), 3141-3147, 2009
Electronic properties of a functionalized noble metal nanoparticles covalent network
I Fratoddi, R Matassa, L Fontana, I Venditti, G Familiari, C Battocchio, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (33), 18110-18119, 2017
(2+ 1)-dimensional soliton formation in photorefractive Bi 12 SiO 20 crystals
E Fazio, W Ramadan, A Belardini, A Bosco, M Bertolotti, A Petris, VI Vlad
Physical Review E 67 (2), 026611, 2003
Infrared properties of randomly oriented silver nanowires
MC Larciprete, A Albertoni, A Belardini, G Leahu, R Li Voti, F Mura, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (8), 083503, 2012
Evidence of Optical Circular Dichroism in GaAs‐Based Nanowires Partially Covered with Gold
G Leahu, E Petronijevic, A Belardini, M Centini, C Sibilia, T Hakkarainen, ...
Advanced Optical Materials 5 (16), 1601063, 2017
Nonlinear optical absorption of zinc-phthalocyanines in polymeric matrix
MC Larciprete, R Ostuni, A Belardini, M Alonzo, G Leahu, E Fazio, ...
Photonics and Nanostructures-Fundamentals and Applications 5 (2-3), 73-78, 2007
Photo-acoustic spectroscopy revealing resonant absorption of self-assembled GaAs-based nanowires
G Leahu, E Petronijevic, A Belardini, M Centini, R Li Voti, T Hakkarainen, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 2833, 2017
Use of sandwich structures with ZnO: Al transparent electrodes for the measurement of the electro-optic properties of standard and fluorinated poled copolymers at λ= 1.55 μm
F Michelotti, A Belardini, A Rousseau, A Ratsimihety, G Schoer, J Mueller
Journal of non-crystalline solids 352 (23-25), 2339-2342, 2006
Optical limiting behavior of zinc phthalocyanines in polymeric matrix
R Ostuni, MC Larciprete, G Leahu, A Belardini, C Sibilia, M Bertolotti
Journal of applied physics 101 (3), 033116, 2007
Second order nonlinear optical properties of zinc oxide films deposited by low temperature dual ion beam sputtering
MC Larciprete, D Passeri, F Michelotti, S Paoloni, C Sibilia, M Bertolotti, ...
Journal of applied physics 97 (2), 023501, 2005
Evidence of anomalous refraction of self-assembled curved gold nanowires
A Belardini, F Pannone, G Leahu, MC Larciprete, M Centini, C Sibilia, ...
Applied Physics Letters 100 (25), 251109, 2012
Photo-acoustic detection of chirality in metal-polystyrene metasurfaces
E Petronijević, G Leahu, R Li Voti, A Belardini, C Scian, N Michieli, ...
Applied Physics Letters 114 (5), 053101, 2019
Second harmonic generation in AlGaN, GaN and AlxGa1–xN/GaN multiple quantum well structures
D Passeri, MC Larciprete, A Belardini, S Paoloni, A Passaseo, C Sibilia, ...
Applied Physics B 79 (5), 611-615, 2004
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