Fabio Bellina
Fabio Bellina
Full Professor of Organic Chemistry, Università di Pisa
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Transition Metal-Catalyzed Direct Arylation of Substrates with Activated sp3-Hybridized C−H Bonds and Some of Their Synthetic Equivalents with Aryl Halides and …
F Bellina, R Rossi
Chemical reviews 110 (2), 1082-1146, 2010
Palladium catalysts for the Suzuki cross‐coupling reaction: An overview of recent advances
F Bellina, A Carpita, R Rossi
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F Bellina, R Rossi
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Recent advances in the synthesis of (hetero) aryl-substituted heteroarenes via transition metal-catalysed direct (hetero) arylation of heteroarene CH bonds with aryl halides or …
F Bellina, R Rossi
Tetrahedron 65 (50), 10269, 2009
Cross‐Coupling of Heteroarenes by C H Functionalization: Recent Progress towards Direct Arylation and Heteroarylation Reactions Involving Heteroarenes Containing One Heteroatom
R Rossi, F Bellina, M Lessi, C Manzini
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Synthesis and biological activity of vicinal diaryl-substituted 1H-imidazoles
F Bellina, S Cauteruccio, R Rossi
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Efficient and highly regioselective direct C-2 arylation of azoles, including free (NH)-imidazole,-benzimidazole and-indole, with aryl halides
F Bellina, C Calandri, S Cauteruccio, R Rossi
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Selective Palladium‐Catalyzed Suzuki–Miyaura Reactions of Polyhalogenated Heteroarenes
R Rossi, F Bellina, M Lessi
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Synthesis of 3-arylisocoumarins, including thunberginols A and B, unsymmetrical 3, 4-disubstituted isocoumarins, and 3-ylidenephthalides via iodolactonization of methyl 2 …
R Rossi, A Carpita, F Bellina, P Stabile, L Mannina
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Direct palladium-catalyzed C-3 arylation of free (NH)-indoles with aryl bromides under ligandless conditions
F Bellina, F Benelli, R Rossi
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 73 (14), 5529-5535, 2008
Palladium-and/or copper-mediated cross-coupling reactions between 1-alkynes and vinyl, aryl, 1-alkynyl, 1, 2-propadienyl, propargyl and allylic halides or related compounds. A …
R Rossi, A Carpita, F Bellina
Organic preparations and procedures international 27 (2), 127-160, 1995
Palladium‐and Copper‐Mediated Direct C‐2 Arylation of Azoles—Including Free (NH)‐Imidazole,‐Benzimidazole and‐Indole—Under Base‐Free and Ligandless Conditions
F Bellina, S Cauteruccio, R Rossi
European journal of organic chemistry 2006 (6), 1379-1382, 2006
Regioselective synthesis of natural and unnatural (Z)-3-(1-alkylidene) phthalides and 3-substituted isocoumarins starting from methyl 2-hydroxybenzoates
F Bellina, D Ciucci, P Vergamini, R Rossi
Tetrahedron 56 (16), 2533-2545, 2000
Regioselective Functionalization of the Imidazole Ring via Transition Metal‐Catalyzed CN and CC Bond Forming Reactions
F Bellina, R Rossi
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 352 (8), 1223-1276, 2010
Novel imidazole-based combretastatin A-4 analogues: evaluation of their in vitro antitumor activity and molecular modeling study of their binding to the colchicine site of tubulin
F Bellina, S Cauteruccio, S Monti, R Rossi
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 16 (22), 5757-5762, 2006
Regioselective Synthesis of 1,5-Diaryl-1H-imidazoles by Palladium-Catalyzed Direct Arylation of 1-Aryl-1H-imidazoles
F Bellina, S Cauteruccio, L Mannina, R Rossi, S Viel
The Journal of organic chemistry 70 (10), 3997-4005, 2005
Highly selective synthesis of 4 (5)-aryl-, 2, 4 (5)-diaryl-, and 4, 5-diaryl-1H-imidazoles via Pd-catalyzed direct C-5 arylation of 1-benzyl-1H-imidazole
F Bellina, S Cauteruccio, A Di Fiore, C Marchetti, R Rossi
Tetrahedron 64 (26), 6060-6072, 2008
Studies on the transition metal-catalyzed synthesis of variously substituted (E)-3-[1-(aryl) methylidene]-and (E)-3-(1-alkylidene)-3H-furan-2-ones
R Rossi, F Bellina, C Bechini, L Mannina, P Vergamini
Tetrahedron 54 (1-2), 135-156, 1998
Selective synthesis of natural and unnatural 5, 6-disubstituted 2 (2H)-pyranones via iodolactonization of 5-substituted (Z)-2-en-4-ynoic acids
F Bellina, M Biagetti, A Carpita, R Rossi
Tetrahedron 57 (14), 2857-2870, 2001
New procedures for the selective synthesis of 2 (2H)-pyranone derivatives and 3-aryl-4-iodoisocoumarins
M Biagetti, F Bellina, A Carpita, P Stabile, R Rossi
Tetrahedron 58 (25), 5023-5038, 2002
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