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Pyridine-2, 6-bis (oxazolines), helpful ligands for asymmetric catalysts
G Desimoni, G Faita, P Quadrelli
Chemical reviews 103 (8), 3119-3154, 2003
An Unexpected Bispericyclic Transition Structure Leading to 4+2 and 2+4 Cycloadducts in the Endo Dimerization of Cyclopentadiene
P Caramella, P Quadrelli, L Toma
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (7), 1130-1131, 2002
Solid supported chiral auxiliaries in asymmetric synthesis. Part 2: Catalysis of 1, 3-dipolar cycloadditions by Mg (II) cation
G Faita, A Paio, P Quadrelli, F Rancati, P Seneci
Tetrahedron 57 (39), 8313-8322, 2001
Copper (II) in organic synthesis. VIII enantioselective michael reactions with chiral copper (II) complexes as catalysts
G Desimoni, P Quadrelli, PP Righetti
Tetrahedron 46 (8), 2927-2934, 1990
Copper (II) in organic synthesis. XI. Evaluation of the ligand architecture on the efficiency of a copper (II) catalyst for enantioselective Michael reactions
G Desimoni, G Dusi, G Faita, P Quadrelli, PP Righetti
Tetrahedron 51 (14), 4131-4144, 1995
The mild oxidation of nitrile oxides affords a convenient entry to nitrosocarbonyl intermediates, versatile tools in organic syntheses
P Quadrelli, M Mella, AG Invernizzi, P Caramella
Tetrahedron 55 (34), 10497-10510, 1999
(4S)-p-Hydroxybenzyl-1, 3-oxazolidin-2-one as a solid-supported chiral auxiliary in asymmetric 1, 3-dipolar cycloadditions
G Faita, A Paio, P Quadrelli, F Rancati, P Seneci
Tetrahedron Letters 41 (8), 1265-1269, 2000
A bispericyclic transition structure allows for efficient relief of antiaromaticity enhancing reactivity and endo stereoselectivity in the dimerization of the fleeting …
P Quadrelli, S Romano, L Toma, P Caramella
The Journal of organic chemistry 68 (15), 6035-6038, 2003
A soluble polymer-bound Evans’ chiral auxiliary: synthesis, characterization and use in cycloaddition reactions
G Desimoni, G Faita, A Galbiati, D Pasini, P Quadrelli, F Rancati
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 13 (4), 333-337, 2002
A photochemical generation of nitrosocarbonyl intermediates
P Quadrelli, M Mella, P Caramella
Tetrahedron letters 40 (4), 797-800, 1999
Substituted (E)-2-Oxo-3-butenoates: Reagents for Every Enantioselectively-Catalyzed Reaction
G Desimoni, G Faita, P Quadrelli
Chemical reviews 113 (8), 5924-5988, 2013
A mild oxidation of nitrile oxides: a new synthetic route to nitroso carbonyl intermediates
P Quadrelli, AG Invernizzi, P Caramella
Tetrahedron letters 37 (11), 1909-1912, 1996
From cyclopentadiene to isoxazoline–carbocyclic nucleosides: a rapid access to biological molecules through nitrosocarbonyl chemistry
P Quadrelli, R Scrocchi, P Caramella, A Rescifina, A Piperno
Tetrahedron 60 (16), 3643-3651, 2004
Merging and bifurcation of 4+ 2 and 2+ 4 cycloaddition modes in the archetypal dimerization of butadiene. A case of competing bispericyclic, pericyclic and diradical paths
P Quadrelli, S Romano, L Toma, P Caramella
Tetrahedron letters 43 (48), 8785-8789, 2002
High-pressure behavior of methylammonium lead iodide (MAPbI3) hybrid perovskite
F Capitani, C Marini, S Caramazza, P Postorino, G Garbarino, M Hanfland, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 119 (18), 185901, 2016
Enantioselective Catalytic Reactions with N-Acyliden Penta-atomic Aza-heterocycles. Heterocycles as Masked Bricks To Build Chiral Scaffolds
G Desimoni, G Faita, P Quadrelli
Chemical reviews 115 (18), 9922-9980, 2015
6-Chloropyridazin-3-yl derivatives active as nicotinic agents: Synthesis, binding, and modeling studies
L Toma, P Quadrelli, WH Bunnelle, DJ Anderson, MD Meyer, G Cignarella, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 45 (18), 4011-4017, 2002
Iminium Ions as Dienophiles in Aza‐Diels–Alder Reactions: A Closer Look
MG Memeo, P Quadrelli
Chemistry–A European Journal 18 (40), 12554-12582, 2012
Synthesis, structural and optical characterization of APbX3 (A= methylammonium, dimethylammonium, trimethylammonium; X= I, Br, Cl) hybrid organic-inorganic materials
A Mancini, P Quadrelli, G Amoroso, C Milanese, M Boiocchi, A Sironi, ...
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 240, 55-60, 2016
Nitrosocarbonyl intermediates as “super-enophiles”: a mild method for carbon-nitrogen bond formation
P Quadrelli, M Mella, P Caramella
Tetrahedron letters 39 (20), 3233-3236, 1998
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