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Gapless Spin Liquid Ground State in the Vanadium Oxyfluoride Kagome Antiferromagnet
L Clark, JC Orain, F Bert, MA De Vries, FH Aidoudi, RE Morris, P Lightfoot, ...
Physical review letters 110 (20), 207208, 2013
: A planar spin- triangular-lattice magnet and putative spin liquid
M Baenitz, P Schlender, J Sichelschmidt, YA Onykiienko, Z Zangeneh, ...
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Origin of the Spin-Orbital Liquid State in a Nearly Iridate
A Nag, S Middey, S Bhowal, SK Panda, R Mathieu, JC Orain, F Bert, ...
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M Majumder, RS Manna, G Simutis, JC Orain, T Dey, F Freund, A Jesche, ...
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Frozen State and Spin Liquid Physics in : An NMR Study
AC Shockley, F Bert, JC Orain, Y Okamoto, P Mendels
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Exotic Low-Energy Excitations Emergent in the Random Kitaev Magnet
YS Choi, CH Lee, S Lee, S Yoon, WJ Lee, J Park, A Ali, Y Singh, JC Orain, ...
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T Dey, M Majumder, JC Orain, A Senyshyn, M Prinz-Zwick, S Bachus, ...
Physical Review B 96 (17), 174411, 2017
Nature of the spin liquid ground state in a breathing kagome compound studied by NMR and series expansion
JC Orain, B Bernu, P Mendels, L Clark, FH Aidoudi, P Lightfoot, RE Morris, ...
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Split superconducting and time-reversal symmetry-breaking transitions, and magnetic order in SrRuO under uniaxial stress
V Grinenko, S Ghosh, R Sarkar, JC Orain, A Nikitin, M Elender, D Das, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2001.08152, 2020
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V Grinenko, R Sarkar, P Materne, S Kamusella, A Yamamshita, Y Takano, ...
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Type-I superconductivity in the Dirac semimetal probed by
H Leng, JC Orain, A Amato, YK Huang, A De Visser
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Muon spin rotation study of the topological superconductor
H Leng, D Cherian, YK Huang, JC Orain, A Amato, A de Visser
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Evidence of nodal gap structure in the basal plane of the FeSe superconductor
PK Biswas, A Kreisel, Q Wang, DT Adroja, AD Hillier, J Zhao, R Khasanov, ...
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S Holenstein, J Stahl, Z Shermadini, G Simutis, V Grinenko, DA Chareev, ...
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Unconventional scaling of the superfluid density with the critical temperature in transition metal dichalcogenides
FO Von Rohr, JC Orain, R Khasanov, C Witteveen, Z Shermadini, A Nikitin, ...
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Unconventional magnetism in the -based honeycomb system
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Tuning of a Kagome Magnet: Insulating Ground State in Ga‐Substituted Cu4(OH)6Cl2
P Puphal, KM Ranjith, A Pustogow, M Mller, A Rogalev, K Kummer, ...
physica status solidi (b) 256 (9), 1800663, 2019
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